Courage Reflection

Before the unit, I had no idea that racism was created/invented by humans to discriminate others. I had thought that it was something that was natural because we were taught about racism. I did not know that race was such a big issue during the civil rights movement and how many were being prejudice against. I think that race is definitely a factor when choosing something or the influence that we make on others. I think that many are more bias when it comes to race and also they are likely to treat someone differently based on the race. I think that this comes from different stereotypes about people based on a small experience based on a person belonging to the group. Even though it is not widely agreed by most of the community, I do think that racism has a big place in the world today. Many of our identities are still judged by others but are not publicly spoken. For example, I think that many of the people are judged towards the people that they are familiar with, or types of people who they are familiar with. I do think that it has a big deal when choosing the right person for school admission, jobs and even college acceptance. In my old school, they did not even allow local mainland school children to be accepted to the school. I think that this is incorrect because some are already prejudged without talent being shown to the school. This is basically being straight up prejudice because you are prejudging someone based on an experience or thought about them without even getting to know them. Many times I think that students do treat other adults differently than others. Simply because of race. Many of these experience happen on the bus or different classes the others, but I do believe that race and identity of the adult has a big factor in place. Although someones characteristics may not change if they are changed into a completely new person with different skin, eyes, hair, I do think that they will be treated differently than others, which is another example of how racism still appliesĀ in today’s world. For example, if you take someone who is part of a race that is largely discriminated in a certain area and reacts with those people, his self esteem of his ownself will be much different than if his hair, skin and eye colour is changed. Connecting to what I said earlier, I think that racism is based on our own experiences, things that we are taught and influence under our family and friends. This is simply because you are much more likely to treat someone better if you have familiarity with their race. Therefore I believe racism on different people purely depends on influence, I think that if racism was erased from the community and everyone didn’t judge anyone, even if the word racism was not even invented, I don’t think that others will judge people based on skin color, hair color, or eye color. We would all treat each other the same. Based on the people in our class and their presentations, I noticed how one person or a persons type of race was accepted by the person or community that their race was superior over another, which caused prejudice acts against the student. In this case prejudice is based on influence on the person and what stereotypes they have experienced or even taught which caused them to discriminate someone or make it unfair for one race over another.

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