SML Reflection

First of all, I decided to do a toy car that was made from scratch because all of a sudden while I was watching youtube videos, I came up with the idea and I thought that it was going to be something that was unique, especially because others in my group or class were all just buying the materials online and assembling it with an instruction guide, I thought that was just a waste of time, you are basically just learning to assemble something that is made for you. Throughout my SML I have faced numerous challenges of finding materials from scratch and also finding the correct gearing so that the motor can power all the wheels so that the car is able to move. For the materials I had to use resources at school to gain recommendations on where to find those resources. I am currently finding out how to correct the gearing. My project has changed from the beginning because at first I thought that I was able to make an RC unit car with steering but after theĀ advice from the teacher I was able to find out that to install steering onto my wheels from scratch was going too difficult and was beyond what I am capable to do, noting that I have no prior experience. Overall I am quite happy with my product but I am still finding more possibilities to improve my car or make it even better.

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