PBL Reflection – Strengths

Throughout the PBL unit I have really enjoyed working with a partner of our choice. We had many hardships that we went through and multiple strengths helped us to achieve our goal. Whilst we were working, I saw myself leading the group for most of the time. We took turns leading and when one of us had a different idea, we would elaborate onto it and figure out a better solution.

Collaboration & Teamwork is both important in problem solving because you need one to establish the other. In order to collaborate, you must have teamwork. When you have teamwork, you are able to work with each other and share your own opinions on the issue. Once you have shared your opinions and worked together, you can both discuss your ideas to make it even better. Once you have an idea, you must work together to accomplish that goal/idea. If none of these strengths are shown in a group work, it would take much longer. With two brains, you will be able to accomplish the same goal faster than one, you must use both ideas to create one.

I really enjoyed the last video where it showed that more people is better than one. Together all of these creatures worked together to help one and moreover the work wasn’t able to be accomplished without others helping. This video showed teamwork and promoted the idea of helping others.