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Describe why?

I chose this topic because I really like this Tv show and I feel like I could talk about it forever. I have so much information about this topic and I really want to type it out and show people, that I know about this topic a lot, and I also really enjoyed constructing a website to my liking because then I know that I could change anything if I don’t like it because then when I see something I like on another website I can change it.

What you used

I used HTML 5 UP and I used images from google images. I used the research from CSS School because everything from that website is very useful. I also used images for my characters page. I also used colour picker because it if very useful and you could chose any colour and you can add a dark shade or make it brighter.

Problems you faced

While trying to fix the colour of the padding I changed something and I broke my website, I tried to revert it but it said there was a problem. I looked at my CSS Main and I saw that there was the words !Important, that was because I forgot to close the {  and I realised the problem. I then had the problem of not being able to change the padding and the colour of the box inside. I messed around trying to fix it using Inspect Element and then something happened. I copied the CSS code from inspect element to my HTML and it came up with Style= I tried that and it worked.

How to improve

I think I can improve if I can use different techniques and different tricks to make it seem more modernised. I think that the website has some problems with the padding size and the text size because sometimes the padding pops out of the box its in and my first copyright name is sort of messed up because it is suppose to be independently by itself but it is in a padding box with colour.

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