SML Reflection

My topic is drawing animations and putting them all together so I can make a big animation like a skit, I would have different videos so you can choose different paths and see if you get to win or not. I choose this because I have always liked doing these activities and interactive skits on youtube. So far I think it is going a little slow because I think I haven’t got enough time to finish this because for a regular person to do this, it took them months to finish so I think that I can only make a few second video. Before I faced another challenge on how I would draw the animations because I only had my keypad, so I asked my friend if I could use hers and it went well. In the beginning I thought I could make a full animation skit that was a few minutes long but now I think it could only be about 40 seconds long. So far I am proud of my drawing because in the beginning my drawings and artwork was really bad but now that I am basing my drawings off of another drawing (hishe) I think it is going well. I think that I am doing pretty well and I also think that I feel creative when I wrote the script because I wanted the skit to be both funny and serious. A few samples I have of my learning is when I was writing the skit and I felt like I really liked what I was doing and as I was writing the script I could play the animation in my head. I think I learn best when I am with other people because then we could help each other and encourage each other. I also like learning about things that I am interested in and passionate about. I think that SML is built well because when you choose a subject it is usually of your interest which makes you more interested in what you learn and I don’t think that the structure is frustrating because it gives you a reasonable amount of time and you just have to choose a subject that uses a good amount of time.

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