Final Reflection PBL

Which ones did you see in yourself during PBL? How/Why?

  1. I think I was curiosity because during our project I saw that I really liked writing my essay for the digestive system because researching about the digestive system made me realize that the digestive system really is very important and it effects every thing that happens to you in the future. I also liked how interesting the digestive system was.


Why is collaboration and team work important in problem solving?

  1. Because if you can’t answer the problem yourself and they can’t answer the problem themselves then both of you work together can answer it, two heads are better then one. An example is if you can’t hold up a big rock and they can’t also, both of you holding it at the same time will work. So if you try to answer it yourself and can’t with another persons help you can.

Which video do you like most? Why?

  1. I like this video because it shows that if you are by your self then you can get attacked by the problem however if you work with others and have there help you can defeat the problem and succeed.

Heat transfer

Q: Why are metals good conductors of heat?

A: Metals are really good conductors of heat as their particles are so closely stuffed so the vibrations are passed on really quickly. They also have huge numbers of ‘free electrons’, which drift gradually throughout the structure, giving metals their effectiveness and other properties.

Q: Why does hot water and air rise?

A:Hot water rises because it is less dense than cold water. Heating the water adds its temperature but minuses its density, the less dense hot water then rises as the cold water sinks to restart the cycle.

Q: Describe how thermal radiation is transferred from a campfire to you.

A: The fire gives out heat waves  and that is how the heat is sent to you.

Q: Write 3 well written paragraphs explaining how conduction, convection and radiation is related to states of matter.

A: 1) Conduction is how when any part of the solid is heated the atoms will bump into each other to start the head spreading. This is kind of like the domino effect.

2) Convection is that when you start heating it at the bottom then the temperature  starts rising up to the rooms.

3)Radiation is when you transfer heat from a far away place the heat waves are still traveling no matter how far it is until it gets to its destination.