Website Design Critique

#1: Terra Nullius

Why I like it: It is a very bright theme, its a very simple and straight forward website and the top bar goes where ever you go, so if you scroll down it goes down with you. It also has self advertising, yet there isn’t to much of it. At the bottom it has all the information and and there social media. When you choose something it tells you its history and what it is designed with. It also has a big panel with the main picture and four other pictures which you can press to change the main picture.

Colour scheme: White

– Background:White

– Accent colours: Light Grey

– Text colours: White and Black

Layout: one page scrolling

Terra Nullius


#2: Beats by Dre

Why I like it: I like how there is one main gallery of pictures where the main updates are posted. I also like how under that there are the most popular products are sold. When you click a product it shows what the product can do and under that it shows the features of the product. Under that it shows what there is in the box. It also shows related items and how many stars people rate it, it also shows how many reviews there are.

Colour scheme: Black

– Background: Black

– Accent colours: Gold

– Text colours: White and Grey

Layout: one page scrolling

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.40.10 AM

#3: Ideaware

Why I like it: I like how it tells us what they do and how they do it. They also have several bars with different main thoughts. You can click the rectangle to show more and it shows who they are. It shows what they have done in the past and who have used them to get there business started up. It tells you where you can contact them. It has a very simple idea of what it wants to tell you. It also asks how they can help you and help you find what you are looking for.

Colour scheme: White

– Background: White

– Accent colours: Light Blue

– Text colours: White and Grey

Layout: one page scrolling

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.50.22 AM

Final Reflection PBL

Which ones did you see in yourself during PBL? How/Why?

  1. I think I was curiosity because during our project I saw that I really liked writing my essay for the digestive system because researching about the digestive system made me realize that the digestive system really is very important and it effects every thing that happens to you in the future. I also liked how interesting the digestive system was.


Why is collaboration and team work important in problem solving?

  1. Because if you can’t answer the problem yourself and they can’t answer the problem themselves then both of you work together can answer it, two heads are better then one. An example is if you can’t hold up a big rock and they can’t also, both of you holding it at the same time will work. So if you try to answer it yourself and can’t with another persons help you can.

Which video do you like most? Why?

  1. I like this video because it shows that if you are by your self then you can get attacked by the problem however if you work with others and have there help you can defeat the problem and succeed.

Mystery Mania Speech Reflection

All the seventh grade students had read a mystery book, and this was their chance to make one of their mystery characters come alive – for the camera!

The character of Kat from the novel The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd was (energetically) portrayed by Charlotte Pang.

Charlotte’s voice had a balance of volume and tone. I was able to hear her voice with no low volume and variated during the speech, her voice went down when it was mysterious and up when exiting. Charlotte’s tone went up and down to show what had happened in the book. Charlotte’s voice was not very clear because her voice stumbled during her talk. She captures the voice of a sarcastic girl named Kat.

The physical character was developed through use of space and thoughtful body language. She put some body language in her speech but not much. She looked a little nervous since she kept moving her hands a little and was fidgeting with her book and jacket. Her eyes weren’t just on one person but her eyes scanned the room so no one person would feel embarrassed.

Even though the time limit was strictly adhered to, setting, character and conflict were clear. She said how Salim went missing and tells you what they did to help. She said what she meant to say instead of just copying the book. All of her talk was related to her main topic of her book without getting off topic very much but there weren’t very much details though.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 12.19.55 PM

Batman vs. The Penguin Debate

1. What is The Penguin’s main idea? What are his reasons?

Batman is a dangerous criminal, he wears a mask and closes his past.

2. What evidence does he use to support his reasons?

Bat man is always with the thief or criminal .

3. How does Batman start his rebuttal? (When two people debate, one of them makes an argument, followed by a rebuttal from the other person. The rebuttal basically states, “No, you’re wrong, and this is why.”)

Batman starts by naming his audience.

4. What kind of tactics to you think are fair or unfair in debating, based on this example?

I think it is unfair because the penguin is a little more popular and he is cheating.

5. Who seems to have the best manner? Why?

Batman because he is more calm and not that rude. The Penguin is very angry and really wants to win.

E-log #13 Once

Book: Once

Author: Morris Gleitzman

Pages: 33-36

Retell: These pages are my favourite pages in the whole book because here it says that when the Nazi’s tried shooting Felix they missed but while the Nazi’s wanted to kill him Felix thought that they did mean to try to kill him. He thought that they were so very sad that they tried to kill an innocent boy so he waved his hands saying he is ok, but the Nazi’s truck was already gone. I like this part of the story because he didn’t want to know the truth so he kind of make one him self so he wouldn’t feel so bad even though the truth was right in front of him the whole time, he just didn’t want to except the truth because the truth means that his parents might have actually died and he doesn’t want to think that so his mind was kept positive until the kids directly told Felix the truth.


Relate: I can relate to this because there was once a time when I didn’t want to know the truth because I knew that it was a very sad. So I think that “You don’t want to know the truth because that would destroy the illusion you seek”


Reflect: I finished the book.