Mystery Mania Speech Reflection

All the seventh grade students had read a mystery book, and this was their chance to make one of their mystery characters come alive – for the camera!

The character of Kat from the novel The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd was (energetically) portrayed by Charlotte Pang.

Charlotte’s voice had a balance of volume and tone. I was able to hear her voice with no low volume and variated during the speech, her voice went down when it was mysterious and up when exiting. Charlotte’s tone went up and down to show what had happened in the book. Charlotte’s voice was not very clear because her voice stumbled during her talk. She captures the voice of a sarcastic girl named Kat.

The physical character was developed through use of space and thoughtful body language. She put some body language in her speech but not much. She looked a little nervous since she kept moving her hands a little and was fidgeting with her book and jacket. Her eyes weren’t just on one person but her eyes scanned the room so no one person would feel embarrassed.

Even though the time limit was strictly adhered to, setting, character and conflict were clear. She said how Salim went missing and tells you what they did to help. She said what she meant to say instead of just copying the book. All of her talk was related to her main topic of her book without getting off topic very much but there weren’t very much details though.

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