This project was a really enjoyable experience because I got to use my creative skills to make a story and turn it into a film. I feel that I did well in terms of applying my filming skills, but I could have done better with audio. If I were to do this project again, I would address this disadvantage to make my final product better.

Game Design #1

– Photo of your paper sketch (even if you are in a group, you all must publish your sketches)


– What is your game about?

My game is a rather simple Pokémon battle simulator – there may be no real battle mechanism, though, because of how complicated it is.

– Who is the audience?

Anyone! Particularly nerdy people, though.

– What is the objective of the game?

It’s really just to give everyone a feel for what Pokémon is like: everything happens by chance. Does the attack hit the opponent, or does it miss? Will the attack land a critical hit or not? How much damage does the attack deal?

– Cite references of where you are using photos.

The images I’ll use will be based on Pokémon Red graphics; I will most likely do them myself, but may state otherwise in the future.

Website Project Reflection

Why did you choose to do this idea for your website?

When I was thinking about how I wanted to create my first website in terms of what it would be about, I wanted to start off with something simple, but at the same time says a lot about me and what I want to achieve in my life career. That’s why I decided to go with a personal portfolio website – a website that showcases my artwork.

What did you use to create the site?

All of the site was done via coding. I used a template as a base for my website’s design, and did some HTML and CSS coding to tweak it and make the website to meet my expectations. HTML is the standard language for webpages – it creates everything – and CSS “styles” the page, meaning that it chooses the colors, pictures, and the like.

What problems did you face?

There were a few minor errors in the HTML code that I didn’t know how to fix, such as a section of the website not displaying what I wanted it to display, but eventually I figured it out and managed to fix it, ending up with a fully functional website.

How could you have improved?

Although I did a pretty good job for a first attempt, there’s certainly room for improvement. For instance, I could improve by trying to change the font of the website to make it more appealing to the audience, or I could add some more pages to the website for better navigation, like an About page and a separate portfolio page with individual pages for my artwork.

LA Reading Blog #2

Book Equivalent: 1 Date: Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Title: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Genre: Fantasy

Opening Sentence: Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do.

Excerpt From: Lewis Carroll. “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” iBooks.

Favourite word/phrase/sentence: “And what is the use of a book… without pictures or conversations?”

Vocabulary and new terms (with part of speech) and definition: Feeble (adj.): lacking physical strength, especially from age or illness.

“Last came a little feeble, squeaking voice, “Well, I hardly know—No more, thank ye. I’m better now—all I know is, something comes at me like a Jack-in-the-box and up I goes like a sky-rocket!”

Excerpt From: Lewis Carroll. “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” iBooks.

Reflection, Connection & Personal Response: Although an old story, the plot of the story is well constructed and quite inspiring. It shows how someone’s mind can get lost and slowly begin to daydream without them knowing, and the author has taken advantage of that and made everything seem as if they were actually happening.

LA Reading Blog #1

Book Equivalent: 1 Date: Friday, August 28, 2015

Title: American Born Chinese

Genre: Realistic Fiction                                                                            

Opening Sentence: One bright and starry night, the gods, the demons, and the spirits gathered in heaven for a dinner party.

Favourite word/phrase/sentence: “THAT’S what happened to my coke? He PEED in it?”

Vocabulary and new terms (with part of speech) and definition: N/A

Reflection, Connection & Personal Response: American Born Chinese is a truly inspiring graphic novel, because the author has shown that three completely unrelated stories can have unexpected twists and turn out to have some sort of connection within one another. In a way, it proves the endless possibilities of writing.

Website Design Critique

Website #1: iCloudScreen Shot 2015-09-01 at 8.33.08 am

Why I like it: The design is simple and clean. I also like the dynamic theme implemented into the website.

Color scheme:

Background: everything

Accent colors: ??

Text colors: White

Website #2: Hermes Tocchetti Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 8.44.47 am

Why I like it: The design is consistent and simple, and the use of color is well done.

Color scheme:

Background: dark blue

Accent: White

Text: White

Website #3: Google
Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 5.47.16 pm

Why I like it: (although the new logo is weird) Vibrant colors and minimal elements. Very clean and consistent throughout all of Google.

Color scheme:

Background: White

Accent: Grey

Text colors: Gray

Digestive System Project – Final Reflection

Teamwork is an important and powerful aspect of social life. It involves mingling, collaborating, and working together with other people as a group, and is a great way to get to know others better.

I believe the PBL project was very enjoyable. I, along with my teammates, learned to be resilient when we don’t succeed initially. This project was fun, and at the same time it helped us learn a lot of things!

Digestive System Project – Reflection v2

The digestive system models my group (me, Adrian, Minji, Piya and Ella) has constructed have turned out well; they work properly to a certain extent.

In this project, we have divided the entire system into three sections, hence three models. The first model depicts the esophagus and stomach. The esophagus is represented by a narrow tube, and we used a two-liter bottle to represent the stomach. Sprite is used for the stomach acids, while fizzy tablets are used for bolus. The tablets are dropped through the tube and into the stomach, where they will fall into the Sprite. This will result in a chemical reaction; the mixture will fizz. This is the chyme.

The second model represents the small intestine. A two-liter bottle is used to represent a section of the ileum. Inside the bottle, there are pipe cleaners that represent the arteries, veins and capillaries inside the villi. The villi is surround by sponges that represent the villi walls. The bottle fills up with colored water, and the sponges absorb the water and transfer the water into a tray. This represents the food’s nutrients being absorbed into the bloodstream.

In the third model, several two-liter bottles are used to represent the large intestine. The bottles have sponges inside that represent absorption of water and indigestible material from the food. A lever (crafted by Adrian) is used in this model to represent peristalsis by guiding fiber (represented with brown, scrunched up pipe cleaners) along the large intestine and leading them to defecation.

This project was definitely a fun experience, because we could portray digestion using lots of materials and make it as realistic as possible!

Model Reflection – Science

1. How much progress has your group made?

My group has made decent progress overall.

2. What problems have you encountered?

There were a few mistakes in the models that had to be fixed. Also, some parts of the model were hard to construct.

3. What materials do you have the responsibilty to provide for your model?