Spotify Playlist of the Year

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Once in a While – Timeflies

For me, 8th grade has been very eventful, with several ups and downs. Everything goes by so fast, and I hardly get time to stop and reflect one whats going on. “Once in a while”, I like to reflect on the events that are happening in life. This gives me the chance to be aware and really feel in the moment.

No Interruption – Hoodie Allen

I chose this song because I felt like this year was really fun and eventful. There was “no interruption” of events, whether they were good or bad. I think this year was the most interesting year of my life because it was so unpredictable and fast-paced.

Keep Up – KSI

This year, not only was life outside the classroom eventful, the schoolwork also got harder and expectations rose. At sometimes of the year, I struggled to “keep up” with the work and fell behind sometimes. There were some parts of the year that were fairly easy and the workload was light, but sometimes the amount of work increased a lot, and it was hard to keep up with some subjects.

Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots

I chose this song because even though I had a lot of fun this year,, there were sometimes where I was stressed out. Sometimes when we had a lot of work, I would feel stressed out. Recently, we had lots of tests and presentations, and I felt stressed because of the amount of tests in such a short amount of time. I eventually pulled through worked hard and everything was ok.

No Money – Galantis

Everyday in school, I would look forward to lunch and break. However, I usually didn’t have money, and I had to either watch my friends eat food, or beg for food from them.  My friends sometimes would get annoyed because I begged too much, but I always got some food in the end. Since the start of middle school, begging for food came a part of me and everyone got used to me begging for food.

Best Day of My Life – American Authors

This year, I have enjoyed several great days and I know I won’t forget some of them. As the year progressed, the days got better and better, and I believed that a lof of days were the best day of my life. The days that I spent hanging out with friends I will remember for a long time.

The Days – Avicii

I chose this song because the some of the days this year will be unforgettable. As I move on to high school, I will write a new chapter in my life, but I will still remember all the good days I had in middle school. The song has the lyrics, “Leave them coming ’cause we’re not done yet, these are the days we won’t regret, these are the days we won’t forget.” I won’t regret anything I have done this year, and I’m sure there will be many more unforgettable days to come. 

Stay – Kygo

Every year, some of my friends will leave. I will never get used to this, but I know that it will happen every year. However, there are many of my friends are moving this year. I will remember  I really wish my friends that are leaving would stay, because I have developed really good friendships with them over the time that they were at HKIS.

Unit 4: Community Center for Refugees in HK Final Reflection

1) You will be graded on including photographs as documentary evidence of your work. Upload the following:

  • 1 overhead view and 2 side view perspectives drawings AND any preliminary designs made
  • 3 or more photos of your building model from different angles (including wide angle and close up photographs)

All photos here:

Written Reflection: 2) Explain who your design is for. Who makes up the particular community? (You may have to do some research or think back to Ms. Chan’s talk) This design is for refugees in Hong Kong. Refugees in Hong Kong live under bad living conditions and aren’t allowed to work. Refugees get $1500 a month for housing and $1200 for food from the government. This money isn’t enough to pay for basic living costs, so some refugees work illegally and end up doing crime to live. Since unified screening was introduced in Hong Kong, the refugee acceptance rate was 0.56%, one of the lowest among developed countries. The global acceptance rate is at about 43%. 232 asylum seekers were arrested for illegally working last year, along with 1,113 for criminal offenses, mostly shop thefts and drug offenses. Many refugees leave their countries because of war, oppression, and bad living conditions. The majority of refugees come from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Most leave their families and in Hong Kong, they don’t have a sense of a community or family, which is why our design is a circle, which helps promote being in a community. 3) Explain what your design is inspired by. What ideas and inspirations helped shape your design? Use specific examples from your model to share. Our design is inspired by the though of community. I decided to create a circular structure as a circle is never ending and it represents unity. Refugees have just left behind everything they have and moved to a completely different environment. They should feel united with one another. Furthermore, when you are sitting in a circle, you are able to see everyone in it and interact with everyone. I feel that this is something that should be very important to every refugee as they should have the chance to create and build new friendships with everyone. In addition to that, circles are inclusive of everyone. Refugees have left their homes and they should feel included and safe. Circles offer safety as well as connection between the refugees.  4) Explain where you envision your design to be located (in Hong Kong) AND how that shaped your building design (Think back to Mr. Leung’s talk) I envision our design to be located in the New Territories because most of the refugees live there. The New Territories is also not as densely populated as other areas of Hong Kong like Kowloon and Central, so buildings can be bigger so refugees have more living space. The New Territories also isn’t as urban as other parts of Hong Kong, so there is more nature around it. I decided to make our building circular because the cylinder shape is more aesthetically appealing when with nature. The circular shape is more visually appealing in nature than rectangular shapes because most things in nature have a circular shape, rather than rectangular shapes. Accomodation is also cheaper in rural areas of Hong Kong, and refugees only get $1500 per month for housing from the government. Many refugees come with their families, so they need to be able to have a living space that around four people can live in, and be within the housing funds given by the Hong Kong government. 5) Explain why your building is relevant. What needs are you meeting and how are you doing that? Our building is relevant and it meets multiple needs. First, it meets the need of shelter. I am meeting this need because I am providing refugees with a roof above their heads and they are protected from the outside. Second, I am meeting the need of entertainment. On every floor, there is a circle of couches as well as a tv to keep guests entertained. Outside of the building, there is also a playground to keep the young kids entertained. Third, I am meeting the need of beauty. The entire building is glass which means that the refugees receive plenty of natural light from the sun and they are able to see the beautiful gardens outside. I feel that it is important for our guests to see and feel nature. They are able to look out from the windows in their rooms and they can go for walks in the garden. Fourth, I am meeting the need of health. On the ground floor, there is a nurse available and every room is given a first aid kit. There is also a gym located on the ground floor to give the refugees exercise.  6) How are you addressing the need of beauty in your design? (How is your design contributing to making life more beautiful?) I am addressing the need of beauty in our design in multiple ways. First, the entire building is made out of glass. This means that the refugees will receive plenty of sunlight from the outside. This makes life more beautiful as sunlight increases serotonin levels in you which make you happier. It is very important for the refugees to feel happy as most of them are sad since they left their entire lives behind. All of the rooms also have windows so they can look out to the gardens and into nature. Furthermore, I have a garden located outside the building which is open to all of the refugees to walk in. There are also benches so they can sit outside and enjoy the sunlight.  7) What design element are your most proud of?

The design element that I am most proud of is our building. This is because it not only looks good, it is also functional and a good use of space. It provides refugees with a home and they will feel good in it because of the various other elements incorporated into our building. For example, I have a variety of activities the refugees can do in their  free time such as watching tv, going to the gym, going on a walk, and more. In addition to that, I also have a playground for the kids located right outside the building. Aesthetically, I feel that our building also looks good from the outside. It is   in a cylindrical shape with glass all around it. In the middle, there is another cylinder which contains the elevator to get through the building as well as a communal area on each floor which has a few couches and a tv.

8) What design element needs further refinement and improvement?

One design element within our sculpture that needs improvement is the overall structure of the building. I feel that I could have done more with the building and added more details. This is because our entire building is a cylinder. I would have liked to be more creative with it and done something more interesting. If I was given more time, I would have liked to plan a bit more so I can have a better idea of what to build. Another element that I would like to improve on is the overall neatness of our sculpture. I would have liked to make the trees and benches neater. This is because I made all of it within one class so I was rushed and didn’t do as good of a job as I would have liked too. Lastly, I would have liked to add more things to do outdoors. This is because being outdoors is critical in remaining happy and being in a good mood. As of right now, I only have a playground and a bench outside. If given more time, I would have liked to add more things such as a pond.

9) In your opinion, how important is architecture? Provide a definition of architecture and explain its relevance in your life and in our society. Architecture is building, planning, and constructing buildings, and it is like an art of constructing buildings. Architecture is important both in my life and in society. Buildings constructed well and that is visually appealing a city or place look more interesting than if all buildings were the same. Architecture creates diversity and variety in buildings, so people will appreciate it more. Looking at a architectural structure versus a regular building is different. Well designed buildings that are unique and different lift spirits in people, and are aesthetically more appealing. Architecture also creates a legacy and identity for a place. Structures that are recognizable worldwide bring a positive identity to a place. A positive identity can increase tourism, international business, and even scientific research collaboration.

Sketch of the Picnic Area

Photo on 4-7-16 at 8.43 AM #3 sculpture
Who is it for?

The picnic tables are a space for students and faculty to eat.
What is the design?

There are a total of three rows. One on the left hand side and two on the right. There is space in the middle to walk and there are stairs at the start and end of the tables.
Where is it?
It is on the 5th floor of our campus, and it is next to the Lower Primary classroom. It is next to the cafeteria inside and the stairwell leading up S3 and the stairwell near the washrooms.
Why was it made?

It was made for students and teachers to eat outside and have more space for eating.

Do you notice anything that could be improved about the space? Add your critique about the space.

There are three rows of tables, two rows on one side and one on the other. There is a lot of space in between them so it is easy to walk through the area. Theres a lot of open space so it is easy to move around and the stairwells are also easy to get to, so you can enter and leave the space easily. I think one thing that should be improved about the space is that there should be a bit more umbrellas. I think this should be added because Hong Kong is very hot and during the spring and summer, all of the tables with umbrellas are all taken. Another thing that I think should be improved is that there should be more benches on each table. During lunch, some people won’t fit on the benches because they are quiet short.

Unit 4: Architectural Form

Upload a photo(s) of your selected architectural form.

Who is the architect? Where is it located? What year was it constructed? What materials were used?

It was built in c. 220 B.C. under Qin Shi Huang, and the construction of the wall continued up to the Ming dynasty (1368–1644). The total length is over 20,000 kilometers, and it stretches across China. The wall of stone, brick, tamped, or rammed earth, and wood. 

What is the history of the architectural form? What is the purpose?

The early walls built by Qin Shi Huang were built to keep the Xiongnu people out of China. When the Ming dynasty continued construction of the wall, they constructed it to keep the Mongolians from attacking China.

Share memorable features or stories that make it more interesting to you.

I find interesting that people so long ago were able to make a wall so strong and long at the same time. I also find it interesting that from a low Earth orbit, the wall is visible, only with an aid of some sort, like binoculars.

Unit 3: Book Art Final Post

book art finalbook art final 2

Evaluate your overall work by examining your idea (how did you develop your idea to completion?) and technique (how successful was your technique?) 

I think I showed my idea well, because I did have the idea of putting the gay couple in the middle and the straight people around them. At the start, I didn’t have the idea of painting the gay couple. I painted the gay couple to show how people in this world see them as “different.” I don’t think my technique was very good because the cuts were not very neat, and there were bits of paper sticking out of the cuts. I think I should’ve put more time into making my cuts neater, and should have used the hammer and chisel at the start of the project.

M(INP) March Written Blog Post #1: Character Analysis for Animal Farm by George Orwell

In Animal Farm by George Orwell, a pig named Old Major sparks a rebellion by speaking of his ideas of Animalism. The animals on a farm rebel against Mr. Jones, the owner of the farm. The leaders of the Animal Farm, Napoleon and Snowball, have different interpretations of Old Major’s words and have arguments and disagreements over what should be done on the farm. Eventually, Napoleon gets rid of Snowball and becomes a corrupt dictator and begins to act like Mr. Jones and the humans, which is strictly agains the original Seven Commandments of Animalism. There have been several unique characters that have been involved in the story, but the character of Mollie in George Orwell’s Animal Farm is a very interesting one.

One reason why Mollie has an interesting personality and character is because she is selfish, vain, and lazy. There have been many examples in the book that have shown she is lazy, self-centred, and narcissistic. Her first appearance in the book was when Old Major was giving his speech about Animalism. Mollie walks in and starts chewing on a lump of sugar and flirts her mane covered in ribbons, hoping she can draw attention from the other animals. During the Battle of Cowshed, Mollie was nowhere to be seen. The animals found Mollie “with her head buried among the hay in the manger” (pg.  59.) Instead of fighting in the Battle of Cowshed, Mollie relied on the other animals to defend her. Mollie also secretly kept sugar lumps and ribbons in her stall. On page 61, it said that Mollie was late to work every morning, and “excused herself by saying that she had overslept, and complained about mysterious pains, although her appetite was excellent.” This quote shows how Mollie does not want to do her share of work, but still expects the same share of rations as the other animals, or even some luxuries like sugar. Mollie’s character is similar to the pigs. The pigs do the “brainwork,” but don’t do any physical labour, but still get the same rations, in addition to apples and milk. Mollie also does not do a lot of work, but still gets the same rations and secretly has a storage of sugar in her stall. Mollie is a lazy horse, who is self-loving and egocentric.

Mollie’s way of becoming happy or satisfied through materials is another attribute towards her unique character. Her satisfaction with materials is shown early on in the book, even before the rebellion started. The first two questions she asked Snowball was if there was going to be sugar and ribbons after the rebellion, showing she can only be happy with luxuries and materials. On page 62, where she runs away from Animal Farm, it says that “a fat-red faced man … was stroking her (Mollie’s) nose and feeding her with sugar. Her coat was newly clipped and she wore a scarlet ribbon round her forelock. She appeared to be enjoying herself.” This quote shows how Mollie can be easily pleased through objects such as sugar and ribbons. I can make a connection between the world and Mollie. Material happiness is something that is happening more and more in the world now. There are constantly new products coming out, such as phones, video games, clothes and shoes, and everyone wants to have the new products to be “cool,” but in another few months or years or so, another new product comes out and what was the “new” product months ago is regarded as old. Material satisfaction is shown through Mollie in Animal Farm, and I can connect that to the world now and myself.

The character traits of Mollie make Mollie a unique, interesting character in the story Animal Farm, by George Orwell. Mollie is vain, lazy, selfish, and can be easily pleased through objects and materials, and all of Mollie’s character traits can be shown and related to in the world today.

This is my brain frame for this blog post: