Lesson #5

Colons grammar

Lesson # 4

The link below is the grammar notes from the video we have watched.

Grammar notes

Lesson # 3 ( Tenses Table)

The photo below is the tenses table

LA- Tenses table


Lesson #2  Punctuating dialogue ( Oct 6th 2014)

Today in LA, we watched a video about using punctuating dialogue. Below is a description of what I have learned form the video.

Whats a quotation mark?

Quotation marks  are used when a character/ person  is speaking.

a Example:

“What are you doing? ” whispered Annie.

” I am building a secret path in here.” Jane said.

These are two examples of when we use quotation marks, however we have some rules….

Important things to remember about quotation marks. 

1.  Only use quotation marks when the person is speaking.  ( this is also called the interrupted quotation mark) 

E.g. “Please be more careful with the toy, ” Paul said. ” Cause it doesn’t belongs to me.”

As you can see, when I putted (Paul said), I closed the quotation mark before “P”. I opened the quotation mark after the full stop.

2. next line 

After one character has talked, go to a new line before the next person talks. This is because it can show the audience that the second person speaking has begun. Also insert two spaces in the  line.

Let me show you an example:

” Where is this place?” Kitty asked.

” This place is a candy kingdom.” Alice whispered.


3. Where to put what?

As you can see from the example I have done above, some punctuation has their own little rule.

– When using a quotation mark, all your punctuation that you use while speaking must be inside the quotation mark.

For example

” This place is a candy kingdom.” Alice whispered. ( see the full stop)

4.  not always using …said

Sometimes, you don’t have to use “…..” SAID by Kitty or Kayley. This is because the audience knows who the person is. Use this when the dialogue is long.


Lesson #1 – Commas ( Sep 23rd 2014)

Today in LA, we watched a video about using commas. Below is a description of what I have learned from the video.

When do we use Commas? 

1) When separating phrases that don’t need to be there. 

E.g.  My pug, Morgan, is lazy

However, we don’t need a comma for this..

E.g. My pug is lazy


2. When linking 2 independent clauses with a conjunction–> ( If, buts & and)

E.g. I can go to the park , if I clean up this mess. ( the bold one is a conjunction)


3.   Addressing someone in particular 

E.g. Let’s eat, Grandma!

But if you don’t put a comma it would become like this…

Let’s eat grandma! ( you wouldn’t want to eat grandma right?)


4. Making a List 

E.g. I like to eat, burgers, french fries, Jelly, marshmallow, sandwiches, and peanut  butter..

*** See the last comma before ” and”, some people disagrees to put it that there, but some people agrees.


5. When you have more than 1 adjective modifying a noun

E.g. The ambitious, fancy cat.


Special ones.. 

– Dates

– End of letter ( Cheers, Kathy )

– Graphic locations


When should you not use a comma? 

1. When separating two independent clauses without a conjunction 

E.g. I eat, I sleep  –> Run on sentence!!!

Instead you should do this…

I eat. I sleep.


Cause there isn’t any conjunction


2. When separating dependent and independent clause with a conjunction 

E.g. We ran to the kitchen, and down some cookies

Even though there is a conjunction, you still can’t put the comma. This is because “down some cookies” is not proper grammar.


The notes/ description above is what I have learnt so far from the video. If you want to see the video click the link below.

Comma video  



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