Crossed Book club #2

Crossed Book talk ( Video 1) 

Crossed book talk ( video #2) 

This is our final book club discussion for our dystopian book. Compared to last time, I personally think that Denise and I have improved a lot especially in analyzing the books. For example, while we talked we made some connections from the book to the real world/ movies/books and what we think the author wants to show. I think our strengths are letting each other have a chance to speak and share and idea of the book, and once we talk about the book we go into detail and this time we even connected the ideas to different movies or books. Another strength is Denise and I are really confident when we discuss about our book and we always respect each other when we talk. I think that from this book club activity ( talking and writing stickes), as a reader I have grown to actually reflect on each chapter and not to just read it for pleasure. In fact, I observe the written languages and the poems that the story have and what the real meaning behind is. To conclude, this book club activity has been a great opportunity for me to improve on my analysis and reading comprehension of the book and the discussions helped a lot.



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