My Coil clay pot

                                                       Coil clay reflection 

Photo ( fire and glazed)

The photo below is just to understand what I’m talking about, the photo will change soon. 


2.How have you chosen to represent the theme “The Sands of Time” in your coil pot? Explain with examples.

         My coil pot is designed to represent the theme “The Sands of Time” I created the pot so that every texture and detailed element represents something about time. Let’s start from the very bottom,  the first lines shows my beginning childhood. As you can see my lines aren’t as squeakily as the top.This is  because I started off soft and gentle with lots of protections and care for my family. Then on the second line you can see a small pearl, that pearl shows that I have learnt to talk and walk. Other memories like meeting new friends or going on field trips are also along the lines. Moving on to the third and fourth line, frequently wavy lines do pop out a few times to show that something unique has happened in that time period. Some of these events could be moving houses, falling off a bicycle, or maybe even getting a new puppy. Then on line 5, to the left side, you can see one big pearl and two mini pearls on the left and right side. This shows that a new family member has came into my life, which is my sister. Then more lines pass by and on the 6th line, there is a long wavy line, which takes up at least two to three lines. That long wavy line shows that I have changed schools and now I have to adapt to the new environment, the new learning strategy and people in the school. I exaggerated these lines because I started off with a rough start. However, looking at the lines above, I get used to my surroundings and start to adapt to the environment. As you keep following the lines you end up with lots of lines bundled up together showing a large spiral.This represents that I still have a long path ahead of me and the lines would form it’s own path. This is how I represented “Sands of time” in my coil pot. 

3.How is your coil pot different from your lantern? Give 3 explanations.

         My coil pot is totally different from my lantern because first of the theme the two sculptures are showing different. My lantern is just a lantern and I can put a candle inside and my pot shows “sands of time”. Another different thing about my pot and lantern is that I used different methods to create my pot from the lantern. Creating my lantern, I had to pinch in the middle of the circular clay then I can create my lantern. However, in my pot, I created a firm base and kept added different lines around the circle and pearls to create my pot. Lastly, the textures of my lantern and my pot are different. I had triangles in my lanterns, and a bucket holder, but I had pearls, squeakily lines and spirals for my pot. 

What improvements could you make to your work?

           If I could re do my pot, I would definitely add a few more textures. e.g. pearls, small spirals etc. Also, I would try to fix up the middle curved up squeakily line and make it a bit more consistent. This is because I struggled a bit trying to let the line stand and have the right balance while I had to also consider the scratching and putting slip on it. But since, I have tried once, I know a better and more efficient method for next time. Over all, I am extremely satisfied with my end product because it came out the way I had planned and it’s nice and stable.

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