Book art

Design #1


I think this book art is extremely unique because there are pop up words created by the pages on a book and this is a new type of arts & crafts using daily materials. The basic step to make a book art is knowing the size of your letter well and how big you want it because you will fold the pages of the book and even cut it.

Design 2


This book cover was designed by Eric Alstrom. He is a Michigan book artist and is a conservator of Michigan State University. I think that this is an interesting book cover because of the message behind it and the design. The two holes reveals the title and the eye is staring into the infinite.

Home Dreams Large

This pop-up ¬†book design was made by Ms. Barton. She runs a popular Kinetic press and creates different book designs. I think this is a unique book design because once you open the book, a design is in there and when you close to the book, you won’t notice.




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