Book Art – Final Reflection

© John Bragg 2008, All Rights Reserved

The Colosseum, located in Piazza del Colosseo, 1, 00184 Roma, Italy is one of the famous architecture buildings that lots of people go to every day. Using concrete and sand VespasianTitus, started building the Colosseum in 70 Ad and it was opened in 80 AD. A long time ago, the Colosseum was known for the 100 days game where it included wild human and animal fights. Though this stopped in the 18th Century, The Colosseum still remain as popular tourist destination and a symbol of Rome’s stormy history. I have never been to the Colosseum, however I have heard stories from my friends who have been there and the history of the Colosseum. Also, I thought the shape of the Colosseum, caught my attention since it’s really unique compared to other architecture buildings and I want to challenge myself, therefore, I have decided to create the colosseum using toothpick.

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