How do poets and poetry invites us to see, feel and experience the world?

All my life I’ve read poems, analyzed them and I’ve even written my own as well and I’ve come to understand that every poem has a purpose. Whether it’s a message they want to send out, a lesson the author has learned or insights, there’s always something a poet wants to share. What the poet wants to highlight is all hidden in the stylistic elements of the poem; and through their use of style, variety of figurative languages and diction, the poet can bring these experiences to reality.

One of my favorite poems written by Seamus Heaney is called “Blackberry Picking”. Through Heaney’s strong use of sensory details, metaphors, similes, rhyme schemes, stanza separation these techniques were what caught my attention the most. Through his poem, I was able to feel and be in his shoes and have an idea of what his childhood meant.

The paragraph I talked about was an example of how poet,  Seamus Heaney was able to invite me, as a reader,  to experience and feel his world and message he was conveying.

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