Final Semester Reflection

When looking at my unit 1 and unit 2 portfolio, I see my greatest achievement has been…

Throughout this semester, I’ve written various analytical essays on the topics we’ve covered in class and overall, I’ve really enjoyed writing them and learning more about poems and short stories. Looking back on the assignments I’ve done I feel as if I’ve definitely improved with my essays, especially my latest SS interpretation one. Of course, there are still areas where I can work on and improve as a writer, but my analysis is getting clearer and I’m approaching it better. The other thing I’m proud of is the video that my groupmates worked on. I not only really enjoyed creating the video and learn more about the story ( rose for Emily) but our group had no problem efficiently collaborating and finishing all our parts in creating the script. I’ve also learned a lot of valuable lessons about short stories, team working skills, and POV characterization. Another achievement I would say is keeping up and updating my portfolio right when an assignment has been graded. I believe that this portfolio really shows my growth as a student and a learner, and compared to how I’ve written my essays back in August I now have a much better understanding on approaching these questions. I also think that with this rate, and if I keep practicing and going to help after school I’ll definitely be ready when it comes to the AP exam in May. 


When looking at my feedback on my work, I see I still struggle with 

When looking at my grades, my feedback and the mastery on schoology, something I can still work on and do better in is Target C2  ( can interpret a work (ie. fiction or poetry) based on careful observation of textual details, considering such elements as the use of figurative language, imagery, symbolism, and tone). This is an area where I believe I do need a bit more practice with and over Christmas break I’ll definitely look at the quizlet sets more and work on having a better understanding of the application of the figurative languages we’ve learned. With more practice at observing the techniques and elements used in the poem or piece, I’m confident that I’ll be able to do better with this part. Another target that I can still do better is F3.2

(I can interpret literature based on careful observation of textual details, considering the work’s style.) According to the mastery on schoology, I have a 70% grade on this part and to improve I think it’s similar to the last target where I just need to familiarize myself with the style of writing or the author’s intended approach to the poems written. 

When looking at my process piece ( drafts 1- 5) this was my approach to improving that work.

When looking at my process piece, I do believe that every single draft does get better. When I was writing my SS interpretation the final draft I handed in was my best work. Throughout the process of writing my draft 1 to draft 5, I would not only double-check 0n my work but print out each draft and use a pencil to edit, reading it out aloud. I’ve learned this technique when I was learning how to become a better writer back in middle school, and ever since then, I do believe that this approach was one of the most efficient to improve my essay. I would also ask for a peer edit or classmate edit to get another perspective on it before I submit my final draft and I think that having another perspective or another opinion helps. Therefore, this is a  rough outline of what I do for each draft and since I’ve been using this similar strategy since middle school, I’m confident that this will help me when it comes to editing and improving my writing. 

When looking at the mastery on schoology It can be seen in my piece that…. 

Overall, I feel as if my targets have greatly improved throughout this semester and looking at the mastery of schoology gives me a clear understanding of where I am with my learning at this stage and what I can continue to do to improve. Some of my greatest areas include F6, F8, F14, F4, C1, C7, and C11. These are areas that I’ve consistently shown steadiness whether it comes to my formative or summative, but areas that I can still work on and as said before is F3 and C2. I now have a better understanding of how to improve and how this system works and I’m confident that it’ll get better. 
A goal for sem 2 

Going through this semester, I definitely learned various insights on how to be a better writer and what AP Lit, this course is about and a goal I have for semester 2 regarding the grades is aim for more exceeding expectations. I completely understand that this will take effort and practice but I have faith that if I keep up with all my work, ask questions when I’m unsure and practice the quizlet words more, it’s a goal I can reach. Another goal I have is a personal goal but it’s to spend more time reading poems. After the poetry unit, I’m truly fascinated about the style of writing and since writing and words speak to me I do want to read more short stories or poems. 

My relationship with creative writing is. 

I’ve always loved creative writing or just writing in general and therefore because of that this class has already been an inspiration for me. In the pieces, I write I do believe that my passion for the topics and writing can be seen. When it comes to AP Lit, especially the summative I always try to put 100% into everything I do and being able to write and analyze short stories that I’m interested in, I definitely try to do my best. 

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