Final Reflection


When looking at my Unit 3-6 portfolio, I definitely would say my strongest summative would be the Novel Teaching table back in January and the Book Thief Novel Lecture summative. I’ve not only greatly improved when it comes to planning and speaking in front of an audience but I do feel more confident when it comes to oral presentations and explaining the main parts of my analysis.

Mastery: Looking at where I am currently and my mastery checklist  ( weakness and strengths have been flipped in the image)  I know there’s still quite a lot I can do to improve when it comes to my writing analysis. However, as I mentioned before my presentation and poetry skills have greatly improved and I’m much more comfortable when it comes to mastering these skills.

Considering most of the second semester was virtual learning, I’ve still learned so much through this entire process and I am truly grateful to be in this class. Though being on campus would’ve made our class discussions much more lively, our class did try our very best to keep the discussions alive especially when it came to the Hamlet unit.

And when it comes to reviewing my goals for the second semester, I do believe that I’ve achieved it. My goal was to have a better understanding and to become more open-minded when it comes to literature and I do think reading all these poems, passages, and Hamlet has made me understand more about the world of literature and to think from an author’s perspective.

A writer’s voice and writing style strongly contribute to the meaning of a text and after this unit, I would say it’s one of the most important parts in a writing piece. First of all, the author’s writing style impacts how readers interpret and understand what the piece is about. They learn the stories, they come to understand what the author is trying to get out, and most importantly if the author’s style is captivating enough, they can also influence their audience in creating a change.

For example, the author Markus Zusak in The Book Thief, he not only creates a likable protagonist, but he also uses direct and simple language so that the readers can find the text more relatable and start to emphasize with what he’s saying. Therefore, this is why the writer’s style and voice are so significant to the meaning of a text and all these elements contribute to the meaning of a text.


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