Crossed Book club #2

Crossed Book talk ( Video 1) 

Crossed book talk ( video #2) 

This is our final book club discussion for our dystopian book. Compared to last time, I personally think that Denise and I have improved a lot especially in analyzing the books. For example, while we talked we made some connections from the book to the real world/ movies/books and what we think the author wants to show. I think our strengths are letting each other have a chance to speak and share and idea of the book, and once we talk about the book we go into detail and this time we even connected the ideas to different movies or books. Another strength is Denise and I are really confident when we discuss about our book and we always respect each other when we talk. I think that from this book club activity ( talking and writing stickes), as a reader I have grown to actually reflect on each chapter and not to just read it for pleasure. In fact, I observe the written languages and the poems that the story have and what the real meaning behind is. To conclude, this book club activity has been a great opportunity for me to improve on my analysis and reading comprehension of the book and the discussions helped a lot.



Crossed Book club

Crossed by Ally Condie

Book club #1(video)

Book club #2( video)

After the book club, I felt that Denise and I respectfully took turns sharing our opinions, thoughts and comments about the chapters we read. This book club was a great opportunity for us to talk about our reading and to make sure we fully understand what is happening in the book and it’s a good reflecting stage. Next time, I think Denise and I should think about more connections and we should be aware about our time limit because we went over time.



Romeo and Juliet
Frame analysis Summative

Symbols for Friar Laurence

Acting scene ( Romeo + Juliet)

Romeo and Juliet visual representation

Romeo and Juliet visual devices

Romeo and Juliet visual literacy #2

Romeo + Juliet vocab


Romeo and Juliet movie 

Act 1, Scene 1 

– The play is sets in Verona in Italy

– Two Capulet servants sees a Montague and were laughing at the montage ( the montage and Capulet were enemies)

– The Capulets and Montague were fighting in the streets

-They stopped fighting till the Prince arrived. He told them to stop fighting and threatened to banish them if they didn’t.

– Romeo’s parents were finding Romeo

– Romeo’s cousin, Tybalt told them Romeo was always walking by the trees. Tybalt also told his parents that he would find out what was going on

– Tybalt saw Romeo holding a flower in his hand, and he knew that he was in love with a girl.

Act 1 Scene 2

– Juliet’s dad and Paris were talking in the Capulet’s home

– Paris is asking Juliet’s dad permission if he could take his daughter as his wife and try to convince him

– Juliet’s dad thinks about it and says Juliet is too young and he hasn’t even seen her 14th birthday yet. Instead, he tells Paris to join a ball.

– Juliet’s dad invited a lot of guest to the ball

Act 1 scene 3 

– Juliet’s mother wants to talk to Juliet about something serious

– While she talks,  Juliet’s nurse ( who took care of her) keeps interrupting the talk and talks about how cute Juliet was when she was young.

– Juliet’s mother finally tells the nurse to be quiet and tells Juliet to think about marrying Paris.

– Her mother even says that she isn’t too young to marry

– The guest arrives and the conversation stops

Act 1 scene 4

– Romeo, Mercutio, (Romeo’s best friend) and his other friends were walking to the ball. 

– Romeo doesn’t want to go because he is worry someone will die tonight. ( meaning him)

– Mercutio then teases Romeo by talking about ” Queen Mab”

– At the end Romeo decides to go to the ball

Act 1 scene 5

– Romeo goes to the ball

– The dance starts and from all the girls, Juliet stands out the most to him. He even says she  has true beauty.

– Tybalt sees Romeo and tells Romeo’s dad that Romeo is a Montague and Romeo is in the party.

– Romeo’s dad says it’s fine and don’t destroy the party.

– Romeo joins in in the middle of the dance and dances with Juliet

– At the end of the party, they both found out that they were enemies

Act 2 scene 1

– On the way home, Romeo runs away from his friends 

– He climbs up a fence and sees Juliet’s window

Act 2 Scene 2 

– Juliet talks about Romeo on her balcony

– Romeo heard her and suddenly talked to her

– They talked for a while, kissed and hugged each other.

– They plan to get married tomorrow morning and Juliet will send a messenger at 9 am  to Romeo saying where they will marry.

– Juliet’s nurse calls Juliet 

– Then they said goodbye

Act 2 Scene 3

– Romeo arrives in his neighborhood

– Finds Friar Laurence.and tells him if he could hold Juliet’s and Romeo’s marriage

– However, Friar Laurence says that a few days ago he was still in love with Roselyn

– Friar Laurence thinks for a moment and says this marriage might end the fight with the Capulet and the Montague

– Friar Laurence says yes

Act 2 Scene 4

– Mercutio was wondering where Romeo was all night

– Romeo’s friends were teasing Romeo about love and they were joking a bit.

– Juliet’s nurse came with a white head cloth on her head

– Romeo and his friends ( especially Mercutio) were laughing at the nurse

– The nurse said to talk to Romeo privately and Romeo’s friends were mocking at her

– The nurse got really angry and started to hit some of Romeo’s friends, Romeo’s friends started to pull the cloth on her head.

– A small fight went on

– Then the nurse finally had her chance to talk to Romeo and told him about the time of the marriage.

– The nurse then started to talk about Juliet and how cute she was when she young.

Act 2 scene 5

– Juliet waits impatiently for the nurse to come

– The nurse takes forever to tell Juliet the news and Juliet becomes more impatient

– The nurse finally tells Juliet that she is getting married tomorrow and she is meeting Friar Lawrence tomorrow

Act 2 scene 6

– Friar Laurence tells Romeo to keep his love for Juliet moderate

– Juliet and Romeo meets and they kiss

– Friar Laurence tells both of them to enter the ceremony and they get married

Act 2 scene 7

– Mercutio was drinking water while Tybalt arrives and ask where’s Romeo

– Romeo comes and Tybalt challenges Romeo

– Romeo doesn’t want to be challenged. Instead, Tybalt challenges Mercutio

Act 3 scene 1

– Mercutio dies and Tybalt runs away

– Romeo becomes extremely angry and chases Tybalt

– Then, Romeo challenges Tybalt in the square

– Tybalt dies and Romeo runs away

Act 3 scene 2

– The prince comes and asks  Benvolio what happened

–  Benvolio was explaining what had happened, he got interrupted by Lady Capulet

– Lady Capulet says that Romeo should be killed

– The prince decides that Romeo is banished from this place forever

– Romeo is crying on the ground and is mad at himself

-Romeo has a last night with Juliet

– Romeo’s next step is to persuade people why he should be back

Act 3 scene 3

– Juliet keeps crying in her bed

– Lady Capulet thinks that she keeps crying because Romeo’s revenge is not enough and she misses Tybalt

– Juliet pretends to agree with her mom

– Her mom cheers Juliet up by saying that the marriage is arranged on Thursday with Paris

– Juliet doesn’t want it to happen and she says that she won’t

– Juliet’s dad heard about it and was really angry

– Her dad threatens her  by saying that if Juliet doesn’t marries Paris he will throw her out of the house

– Juliet asks the nurse for advice, the nurse says to marry Paris and he looks better than Romeo

– Juliet is sad and is going to ask Friar Laurence for advice

Act 4 scene 1

– Juliet runs to find Friar Laurence for advice.

– Juliet sees Paris with Friar Laurence.Paris teases Juliet to see her reaction

– Paris reminds Juliet about the marriage on Thursday

– Juliet enters Friar Lawrence and weeps

– Juliet begs Friar Lawrence to think of a plan or how to prevent it.

– Friar Laurence and Juliet talks and Friar Laurence thinks of a plan

– The plan is that on the wedding day, Juliet will take a potion to make her asleep for 48 hours. It would look like that Juliet is really died. The wedding would be canceled and when Romeo comes back 2 days later, Juliet would wake up and they both could leave

Act 4 scene 2

– Juliet apologises to her father about her bad behaviour

– Juliet tells her father and her mother that she will marry Paris

– Her father is so happy that he would move the wedding to Wednesday ( originally Thursday)

– Juliet then takes a potion and falls asleep.

– Friar Laurence would write a letter to Romeo about the plan

Act 4 scene 3

– The nurse screams in the morning saying that Juliet is dead

– A funeral is held and Romeo’s servant sees that Juliet is dead and gets on a horse to tell Romeo

– Romeo’s servant passes the mail person ( walking really slowly)  and he is calling Romeo

Act 5 scene 1

– Romeo hears the news that Juliet is dead

– Romeo gets on his horse and leaves

– Romeo passes the messenger 

Act 5 scene 2

– Romeo enters the area where people get buried up

– Romeo then sees Juliet and cries

– Seeing Juliet dead, Romeo was extremely depressed and he wants to be with her forever so he kissed her, drank the potion and dies next to her.

– Friar Lawrence arrives a few minutes later and sees Romeo dead

– Juliet then wakes up and is feeling dizzy

– Friar Lawrence hears noise from the outside and immediately runs away

– Juliet sees Romeo dead on the ground, she is heartbroken

– Juliet takes the potion that is in Romeo’s hand

– The potion didn’t work that quickly, therefore Juliet took a knife and killed herself

– They both lie on the ground dead

– The prince holds a ceremony and says that it’s everyones fault because the Capulet   Montague are enemies.


The virtual Globe ( Note- taking and photos )

Visual literacy   (what is visual literacy?)

About William Shakespeare ( Question and answer)



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March 16th 2015

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February 23rd 2015

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February 23rd 2015

Champion Poem

December 12th 2014

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December 11th 2014

Bermuda Triangle graded 

December 11th 2014 

Mystery Bermuda Triangle PDF

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December 8th 2014

One Paragraph summary 

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Replanting Mrs. Jones ( plan) 

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Traits writing rubric  


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Seed Folks summative writing

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Visual Literacy



Lesson #5

Colons grammar

Lesson # 4

The link below is the grammar notes from the video we have watched.

Grammar notes

Lesson # 3 ( Tenses Table)

The photo below is the tenses table

LA- Tenses table


Lesson #2  Punctuating dialogue ( Oct 6th 2014)

Today in LA, we watched a video about using punctuating dialogue. Below is a description of what I have learned form the video.

Whats a quotation mark?

Quotation marks  are used when a character/ person  is speaking.

a Example:

“What are you doing? ” whispered Annie.

” I am building a secret path in here.” Jane said.

These are two examples of when we use quotation marks, however we have some rules….

Important things to remember about quotation marks. 

1.  Only use quotation marks when the person is speaking.  ( this is also called the interrupted quotation mark) 

E.g. “Please be more careful with the toy, ” Paul said. ” Cause it doesn’t belongs to me.”

As you can see, when I putted (Paul said), I closed the quotation mark before “P”. I opened the quotation mark after the full stop.

2. next line 

After one character has talked, go to a new line before the next person talks. This is because it can show the audience that the second person speaking has begun. Also insert two spaces in the  line.

Let me show you an example:

” Where is this place?” Kitty asked.

” This place is a candy kingdom.” Alice whispered.


3. Where to put what?

As you can see from the example I have done above, some punctuation has their own little rule.

– When using a quotation mark, all your punctuation that you use while speaking must be inside the quotation mark.

For example

” This place is a candy kingdom.” Alice whispered. ( see the full stop)

4.  not always using …said

Sometimes, you don’t have to use “…..” SAID by Kitty or Kayley. This is because the audience knows who the person is. Use this when the dialogue is long.


Lesson #1 – Commas ( Sep 23rd 2014)

Today in LA, we watched a video about using commas. Below is a description of what I have learned from the video.

When do we use Commas? 

1) When separating phrases that don’t need to be there. 

E.g.  My pug, Morgan, is lazy

However, we don’t need a comma for this..

E.g. My pug is lazy


2. When linking 2 independent clauses with a conjunction–> ( If, buts & and)

E.g. I can go to the park , if I clean up this mess. ( the bold one is a conjunction)


3.   Addressing someone in particular 

E.g. Let’s eat, Grandma!

But if you don’t put a comma it would become like this…

Let’s eat grandma! ( you wouldn’t want to eat grandma right?)


4. Making a List 

E.g. I like to eat, burgers, french fries, Jelly, marshmallow, sandwiches, and peanut  butter..

*** See the last comma before ” and”, some people disagrees to put it that there, but some people agrees.


5. When you have more than 1 adjective modifying a noun

E.g. The ambitious, fancy cat.


Special ones.. 

– Dates

– End of letter ( Cheers, Kathy )

– Graphic locations


When should you not use a comma? 

1. When separating two independent clauses without a conjunction 

E.g. I eat, I sleep  –> Run on sentence!!!

Instead you should do this…

I eat. I sleep.


Cause there isn’t any conjunction


2. When separating dependent and independent clause with a conjunction 

E.g. We ran to the kitchen, and down some cookies

Even though there is a conjunction, you still can’t put the comma. This is because “down some cookies” is not proper grammar.


The notes/ description above is what I have learnt so far from the video. If you want to see the video click the link below.

Comma video