Science PBL 


March 2nd 2015

         I think that Julie and I are on the right track in terms of how the model is going to work. However, we are a bit behind in terms of making the model. Julie and I have planned everything and written everything on our blue book. We worked pretty well today in terms of collaboration. We both listened to each other’s opinion. Tomorrow Julie is going to bring the popsicle sticks and I am going to bring some slime.

Feb 10th 2015

Q1: What body system did you pick to build as your working model?

I picked to work on the digestive system

Q2: Why did you pick to work on the digestive system?

After learning briefly about the digestive system in class, I thought that the digestive system is an interesting system to work with.  I also had the motivation to learn more about each organ in the digestive system and what happens if something goes wrong. Not only this but, I myself want to have a good digestive system and to learn how to keep it healthy. Therefore, if I know how to keep it healthy  then I can apply this knowledge to the real world.

Q3: What materials are you going to use to create your model?

  1. lots of small and long plastic transparent tubes  ( thin)
  2. Card Board ( Big)
  3. thin strings / yarns
  4. colour pencils and markers
  5. popsicle stick
  6. wooden chopsticks
  7. clear wrap
  8. toothpaste
  9. clay
  10. Slime