Social Studies


Champion Reflection

The champion unit was an interesting and unique unit. I mostly enjoyed the gallery because you could share all the work that you have done and you could explain what have the champion that you choose done. In the gallery, we could also show the free choice we did, the nomination letter, the poem and the press conference. Through this project, I learned a lot about Florence Nightingale and some of the incredible things she has accomplish that not lot of people know. From researching, I have also learned that             ” Perseverance is like the key to success”.  That’s why Florence Nightingale did succeed at the end. Even though people discourage Florence, she still didn’t give up. She had this mission and goal she had to accomplish no matter how hard it was to succeed. Over all, I think the Champion project was a fun and a great learning journey for grade 7. I really liked the gallery and I also liked how you could make a free choice.  Maybe next time, We could display the research we have done and the chart that Ms. Bevear gave us at the really beginning.


Champion Project 

The Champion project is a project held by Mr. Pierce (SS)  and Ms. Bevear ( LA). In this project we have to choose a significant person who has these four elements: Creativity, Compassion, Resilience, and Collaboration. I choose Florence Nightingale (1820-1910). The links below are some of the small projects we had to do. There are 8 small projects  in total: ( Facebook page ( SS), Timeline ( SS), Map ( SS), Nomination letter ( LA), Poem (LA), Journal ( LA),   Free choice ( Home), press conference ( photo).


Florence Nightingale ( Nomination letter, poem & Journal Entry)





Champion Project 

The Champion project is a project held by Mr. Pierce (SS)  and Ms. Bevear ( LA). In this project we have to choose a significant person who has these four elements: Creativity, Compassion, Resilience, and Collaboration. I choose Florence Nightingale (1820-1910). The link below are some of the small projects we had to do. ( There is a map and a timeline of Florence Nightingale.)

Map ( this map shows the important places that Florence Nightingale has been)


Time line

Florence Nightingale's timeline


Blog post #2



Summarize your learning (  what do you know, what do you think you know, and why)

For this unit there were two main things. The first main thing is from what we have learnt last unit and how to apply it to 5 different maps. ( Climate zones, vegetation, population density, political and physical features). So, Mr. pierce gives us a description of a city in Asia  and we will have to find that place by looking analysing with those 6 maps you have as your tool. The second main thing is the topic:   ( Challenges of Growing Population) . We have been reading chapter 30 in TCI & we have been taking notes while reading. For me, I am half way done with it. From the text book, I have learnt that China population has grew a lot over the years and there are some laws  that changed the population both low & high.

– China also had three goals:

1. slow population down

2. Provide more clean energy

3. promote economic growth


What level of badge are you aiming for? How will you achieve it?

For this unit, I am aiming  for Ferdinand Magellan Badge or Bartolome De Las Casas Badge. I will achieve it by looking at chapter 30 a few more times, continue taking notes for chapter 30 & I can go to other websites that relate to the unit. I think doing this might achieve the badge I am looking for because I am reviewing my notes and looking for more information that might show in the summative. Also, in TCI, I will review the vocabulary by looking at ” vocabulary flash cards”.

Look back at your specific learning goal for Unit 2: Challenges of a Growing Population. Have you been keeping up with it? Explain.

Looking back at my old post’s goal , I think that I am on track this is because I am almost done taking notes with chapter 30 therefore, I can start looking at some more  good sources/ websites that relates to unit 2: Challenges of a Growing Population. Here is a source that I found about China’s population.  click here  For the other goal, I found out that China is the most populated Country in Asia.

How did your Parent conferences go? 

Last Wednesday, I had parent conferences. For parent conferences, Mr. Pierce said that my work habits were fine and for social studies he is just worried about 1 thing for me, my longitude and latitude. He told me I can come in for homework club to do a few more practices.




Oct 9th 2014


HK protest


Reporters, interviews are everywhere in HK because of the HK protest. Some supporting and some aren’t it has been going on for a week and 4 days! The people protesting wants democracy.  Some schools and businesses has been closed for days ; even some busses were stuck in the road for days. Tear gas, pepper spray, screaming and singing has been going on and on.


There are a variety of perspectives from everyone, some support the students and some don’t. From my perspective I really think that no one’s wrong and right. All I just know how hard the protesters tries the law won’t change. However, if I really have to choose one side, I don’t support the protest. This is because they are messing HK up. As a half Hong Kong and half Canadian citizen, I am disappointed in the mess HK is facing now. Also, the protesters are blocking public roads and that makes some citizens not able to go to businesses and schools. According to TVB News, there was a video showing that a old lady saying  ”  You students are making life hard for all of us, you do not need to worry about food since your provided with it, but we need to find food, we have a life too”. Hearing this I was really disappointed. There was another source that showed the protesters  and  business people were arguing last Friday ( Oct 3rd) and it turned out to be a humungous fight. If I were the students, I would not waste my time protesting, instead I would focus on my studies, get good grades and have a better future; but of course some people disagree on this. Click on the link to see a video clip from Apple Daily News. click here 

I am still confused whether if China is going to bring the Chinese  Army and shoot all the protesters cause that happened in June 6th 1989 in the Tiananmen Square.  I think I can’t really find the answer since China won’t tell anyone about this and it’s a secret. However, I can try searching online to see whether China was planning to or not. I also want to find out if the students were brainwashed by people cause in TVB news I heard a student saying ” Before we started protesting, people told us everyone want’s democracy and now some don’t. I think I just got fooled”. For this question, I’ll try to research and ask different people’s perspective.


Mong Kok Protest







Oct 8th 2014

Welcome to Geography

We finished our unit 1 (Mapping and Geography) and before we start our unit 2, we have to reflect upon our learning in unit 1  Below are some questions and thoughts.

1.  Summarise your learning 

At the beginning of the unit, I had no clue about mapping and geography, except  there are 7 continents in the world. After reading both chapters in TCI, always writing in my KTW chart and doing some activities in class ; I have learnt so much about mapping and geography. For example, the different kinds of landforms ( Plateau, Mountain Ranges , Hill, Peninsulas, delta etc.) the elements in a map, how to read a map, some key terms, climate etc.  I also found some interesting websites about geography that I enjoy reading.     here’s the link . 

2. Share and explain one of the answers from your survey 

At the end of the unit, all the students had to do a survey (reflects about the unit). One of the questions was : What did you enjoy the most in the unit? For this question, I answered the landform shaping game. For the game, you would have a card that has a landform, then you have to use your body and shape the landform out. After doing this game, I found out that it made me more motivated into knowing  more about landforms. 

3.  What level of badge did Pierce award you? Do you agree / disagree?

For this unit, Mr. Pierce gave me the Ferdinand Magellan Badge. I agree with what Mr. Pierce gave me because I think that I did great on the 1st part ( Multiple choice and short answer) but I think I could improve on the second part and the key terms for the 3rd part. 




4. Identify one learning strategy that DIDN’T work last unit, and one that did

A strategy that didn’t work for me was just reading the text book . However, I strategy that works for me is to take a lot of notes at the beginning, then analyse my notes and put the main ones in  keynote. In this summative, my essay had lack of key terms, therefore for next time I was planning to write a list of key terms that is related to the essay. After, make a draft and try to add as much key terms as I could.   

5. Set a specific learning goal for Unit 2: Challenges of a Growing Population

My goal for unit 2: Challenges of Growing Population is I want to find out which country in Asia has the highest growing population, why is it, and how did it become the highest population. I also want to find some good sources that I could rely on for this unit.