Civil rights blog post


Write a blog post on your HKIS WordPress site reflecting on the first four key concepts of the unit and on your classmates’ presentations. What did you learn about identity, stereotypes, prejudice, and racism? In what ways did your ideas change from the initial lesson when we created word webs on the white boards?

After listening to my classmates presentations I thought some of the stories that I heard from my classmates were shocking because I never thought that anyone could say something offensive about a small part of your identity or a parent’s identity. There were also some stereotypes based on the way the person’s race, the colour of their skin or by the language, and that changed the attitude or the perspective of a person’s thought into thinking something else about that person. However, I feel like prejudice is starting to reduce and I think it’s because of small or big incidents that have occurred. For example improving the lives of African Americans. That process was a challenging process and I believe that lots of people have learnt from the civil rights movement and have found more empathy to each other.

Make sure that your reflection responds to the following questions.

  1. How does race shape the way we see each other?                                                 I think race is a big part of how we see each other even though some people don’t admit it.Though lots of us know that judging someone based on their race isn’t nice at all, sometimes people still do it and I think it’s mainly because of previous knowledge or experiences that they have had. Racism will never go away and is always happening in the outside world. For example, employing people, choosing students for universities etc.  Though we all know that that isn’t that nice to think about a person based on their race, racism has improved compared to the olden days. The Civil right movement  was led because there was segregation between the whites and blacks, and the whites are higher class than the blacks and there are minor things, like facility access that changed the way people saw each other. The civil right movement came to a point where blacks thought that they were more superior than the whites. I think race strongly shapes the way we see each other because of the colour difference and people might feel like there is something different between their race and someone else’s race so they may treat that person with more respect or less respect. 

To what extent do our ideas about race influence the choices we make?

Lots of people do get influenced by the choices the make from a race. For example, some people may not want to buy mainland China products because they think the products are dirty and it has been through some chemicals. However, I try not to let race influence the choice I make because I know that there are different cultures and each culture has something more unique. As I mentioned before, though some people to know that getting influenced by race is a bad thing but they might actually get influenced by race.


  1. ReRTo what extent do our ideas about race influence the choices we make?

Social Studies weekly chapter tests




What study strategy worked best for you? 

I think that this test helped me a lot in terms of confident and trusting yourself. I think this is mainly because of the study strategies that helped me. Through these 4 summative, there were lots of trial and error to see which study strategy helped me the most. One really helpful strategy is to relax before the day of the test. This is because I already know all the information about the text book, therefore I would normally relax or read over the text book twice and not stress about it. Another study strategy that worked best for me is to type everything I remember about the text book in a pages document to see how much do I understand because once you understand something you know it and you don’t need to memorize it. Lastly, having a study group helped me a lot because my friends and I test each other and sometimes we pressure each other so that we will think harder or explain our answers in more depth.

What advice do you have for Mr. Pierce’s students next year 

I would say try to find a group of friends that can help you a lot because my study group friends helped me a lot since they always asked me challenging questions and they push me to think more carefully. To me, my study group helped me a lot and I feel like I have learnt a lot from them and now when I ask questions, I ask challenging questions.




Toothpick form

Since I only had one class to complete this model, I didn’t get much done. Originally, I was going to create a model of the colosseum with toothpick. However, due to the lack of time, I decided to create the twin tower because the basic shape is simple and I build my model from the floor structure.

image1 (5)

Sketches of the corridor

Who is it for?

The corridor is made for the sixth graders, Tai Tam so that they can print, go to class and put their belongings in the provided lockers.

What is the design?

The design is a small corridor and when you stand outside the glass door, you can see a perspective. To the left, you can see classrooms, and to the right there is a printer and lockers.

Where is it? 

The grade 6 corridor is located on the really end of the first floor and is near the lift.

Why was it made 

The corridor is made so that the sixth graders could have a place for transition from class to class because there are lockers right next to the class and there is a printer to print documents out.

Do you notice anything that could be improved about the space?

I think the corridor could be a bit wider since there are lots of students when they transition to different classes and there might be lots of pushing and shoving. Also, I think the corridor should have more lights because it’s quite dim right now and that brings a tired feeling. Lastly, I think the location of the corridor should be in the middle of the first floor because right now it’s towards the really end of the first floor and it feels like that corridor doesn’t exactly exists.


Book Art – Final Reflection

© John Bragg 2008, All Rights Reserved

The Colosseum, located in Piazza del Colosseo, 1, 00184 Roma, Italy is one of the famous architecture buildings that lots of people go to every day. Using concrete and sand VespasianTitus, started building the Colosseum in 70 Ad and it was opened in 80 AD. A long time ago, the Colosseum was known for the 100 days game where it included wild human and animal fights. Though this stopped in the 18th Century, The Colosseum still remain as popular tourist destination and a symbol of Rome’s stormy history. I have never been to the Colosseum, however I have heard stories from my friends who have been there and the history of the Colosseum. Also, I thought the shape of the Colosseum, caught my attention since it’s really unique compared to other architecture buildings and I want to challenge myself, therefore, I have decided to create the colosseum using toothpick.

Architectural Project


Unit 3: Book Art – Final

  1. Upload final images of your project from different angles for your final post for the unit                                                                                                                This will be uploaded soon
  2. Evaluate your overall work by examining your idea 

If I had to rate my book art, I would rate it 8/10 because of the collages and the cut outs I have shown the process of Bill Clinton’s. At the very beginning of the book, I had at least 30 pages of layers sticking out on the side of the book, with shows colleges of Bill Clinton’s childhood. Then there are stairs that represent Clinton’s life and the struggles he has been through in his life. Surrounding the stairs are more photos of Bill Clinton and I feel like from this, I have shown his life and I have met my goal. In terms of technique,  I would say I have improved a lot from the very beginning of the book because now I know the most efficient way to cut lots of pages from the book and to carve out different shapes in the pages efficiently.


Spring Parent Teacher conference reflection

After Parent Teacher conferences with Ms. Bevear, I that I’m on the right track in LA and I should continue with what I am doing.Though, we don’t have goals now, in my spare time I will still work on some online tools. For example, I will continue working on Newsela because my reading comprehension, especially informative pieces isn’t that strong. Apart from Newsela, No red ink helped me a lot with my grammar.

Something that I can improve on is the reading habit. Now I read 3- 4 times a week for 20 minutes. However, I feel like I should improve on this reading habit. I personally think the reason why I don’t have enough time for reading is because of the tests next day. For example, if I have a social studies test the next day I would focus on Social Studies all night, but I think this habit should change and I should try to balance out everything.

After talking about my brain frame, Ms. Bevear said that I have improved a lot this year and last year and I should keep doing what I am doing. Last year, Ms. Bevear mentioned that I should work on using harder vocabularies in my essays, she thinks that I am starting to do this.








Book Art process


  1. What are you doing to transform the book?

The book I have choose is Bill Clinton’s bibliography therefore, I was planning to show some significant parts of his life and the struggles he has been through before he became president.

  1. How are your ideas original?

My ideas are original because I’m creating something that I thought of by myself. For example making layers of collages so that the audience will get a brief idea of who Bill Clinton is before I show the steps of how he became president.

  1. What techniques are you using to create your sculpture? (Collage, newspaper form, diorama, etc)

I’m using a variety of techniques to create my book art. For example, collage, paper folding and paper cutting to create an interesting sculpture by manipulating the pages of the book into a completely different perspective and idea.

  1. Evaluate your craftsmanship – how much care and attention to detail are you putting into your sculpture?

I try my best to put as much details in my sculpture because I want to try my best to show Clinton’s life and each detail could bring a better understanding to the audience

  1. Evaluate your time management – how are you using your time?

I think I would need 4 more lessons to complete my sculpture, but I’m trying my best to complete it by March 8th.

  1. What improvements could you make?

I think the stairs could improve because I want to make it a bit more realistic. However, this is my first time so I don’t have an efficient way yet.

Book art

Design #1


I think this book art is extremely unique because there are pop up words created by the pages on a book and this is a new type of arts & crafts using daily materials. The basic step to make a book art is knowing the size of your letter well and how big you want it because you will fold the pages of the book and even cut it.

Design 2


This book cover was designed by Eric Alstrom. He is a Michigan book artist and is a conservator of Michigan State University. I think that this is an interesting book cover because of the message behind it and the design. The two holes reveals the title and the eye is staring into the infinite.

Home Dreams Large

This pop-up  book design was made by Ms. Barton. She runs a popular Kinetic press and creates different book designs. I think this is a unique book design because once you open the book, a design is in there and when you close to the book, you won’t notice.




My Coil clay pot

                                                       Coil clay reflection 

Photo ( fire and glazed)

The photo below is just to understand what I’m talking about, the photo will change soon. 


2.How have you chosen to represent the theme “The Sands of Time” in your coil pot? Explain with examples.

         My coil pot is designed to represent the theme “The Sands of Time” I created the pot so that every texture and detailed element represents something about time. Let’s start from the very bottom,  the first lines shows my beginning childhood. As you can see my lines aren’t as squeakily as the top.This is  because I started off soft and gentle with lots of protections and care for my family. Then on the second line you can see a small pearl, that pearl shows that I have learnt to talk and walk. Other memories like meeting new friends or going on field trips are also along the lines. Moving on to the third and fourth line, frequently wavy lines do pop out a few times to show that something unique has happened in that time period. Some of these events could be moving houses, falling off a bicycle, or maybe even getting a new puppy. Then on line 5, to the left side, you can see one big pearl and two mini pearls on the left and right side. This shows that a new family member has came into my life, which is my sister. Then more lines pass by and on the 6th line, there is a long wavy line, which takes up at least two to three lines. That long wavy line shows that I have changed schools and now I have to adapt to the new environment, the new learning strategy and people in the school. I exaggerated these lines because I started off with a rough start. However, looking at the lines above, I get used to my surroundings and start to adapt to the environment. As you keep following the lines you end up with lots of lines bundled up together showing a large spiral.This represents that I still have a long path ahead of me and the lines would form it’s own path. This is how I represented “Sands of time” in my coil pot. 

3.How is your coil pot different from your lantern? Give 3 explanations.

         My coil pot is totally different from my lantern because first of the theme the two sculptures are showing different. My lantern is just a lantern and I can put a candle inside and my pot shows “sands of time”. Another different thing about my pot and lantern is that I used different methods to create my pot from the lantern. Creating my lantern, I had to pinch in the middle of the circular clay then I can create my lantern. However, in my pot, I created a firm base and kept added different lines around the circle and pearls to create my pot. Lastly, the textures of my lantern and my pot are different. I had triangles in my lanterns, and a bucket holder, but I had pearls, squeakily lines and spirals for my pot. 

What improvements could you make to your work?

           If I could re do my pot, I would definitely add a few more textures. e.g. pearls, small spirals etc. Also, I would try to fix up the middle curved up squeakily line and make it a bit more consistent. This is because I struggled a bit trying to let the line stand and have the right balance while I had to also consider the scratching and putting slip on it. But since, I have tried once, I know a better and more efficient method for next time. Over all, I am extremely satisfied with my end product because it came out the way I had planned and it’s nice and stable.