Unit 2 Reflection – Essential Questions

To what extent are human story my story?

I believe that everyone has written at some point about their experiences, for some words may speak better to them than others but most people have written at some point. Through this unit, we’ve read various short stories and I’ve also analyzed many.

The yellow wallpaper taught me that Gilman, through symbols and the themes she established in her story deeply connects to her own experiences and is a huge reflective experience to her life. For example, the journey of the wallpaper she described throughout her entire story will always have a direct connection to her before us.

Not only this but, I feel like the stories that the author writes can at some point or to some extent connect to our own stories.

For example, I think of it as a song, when we hear lyrics there are some that directly relate to what we’ve experienced and it’s a natural instinct for us to connect our own experiences to it the same way that it applies to write stories. Of course, this doesn’t mean every story’s message or experience connects to our own story but to some extent, it does apply to our own story.