Wonder Words Wall Grade 8 ( 2015- 2016)


Quizlet #4 Macbeth 

The Women 

autochtonous: native people ( migrants)

discrepancy: something different or inconsistent

impulse: to urge to do something

spontaneous: unforce

implement: tools or utensils

Croon: to hum or to sing softly

immaculate: perfect or clean, completley spotless

Replete: to fill something with

lionize: to celebrate 

Cumulative: to increase

Free rice 

Cryptography: the act of writing or solving

The Last Song

disintegrate: to break up into smaller pieces / fragments

qualms: to worry or get anxious about

dementia: a mental illness

descend: to move or fall downwards

Placid: not upset easily

Strut: a bar or rod that connects the pieces together to make a framework

Impudent: not showing respect to another person

brandish: someone who says kind words

spillage (old English): to destroy, or waste

emissary: someone who is on a special mission

croon: singing in a soft and low voice

explict: to state something clearly and in detail

Milia 2.0 

conjured: caused a spirit or ghost to happen

bisecting: divide into 2 part

anticipating: expecting

impromptu : unrehearsed


The Wonder Sequel 

Frivolous: not having any kind of serious problem

Rhodium: a chemical element

Torment : a physical pain

dope : a drug taking illegally

The Outsiders 

Delirious ( adj): it means to be overjoyed/ over excited

Elude ( V): escape or run away from danger

Perspiration : the process of sweating

Nonchalantly: to heat up or to be warm

Clobber: hit someone hard

Quizlet – The Giver 

Free Rice ( online) 

Neglectful: Careless

Insomnia: Sleeplessness

lessen: decrease

Gob: lump

Plumage: a bird’s feather


Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets

Emmitt : it means entire or it’s a British surname

Billow :  A mass of something, smoke, clouds

Engulf: Swamp or a flood

Ecstasy: overwhelming with joy, very happy

Valiant: Brave or strong

absurd: Riduculous

National Geographic 

Envision: ( V) to imagine or to visualize

Granule ( N): A small substance

lepidoptery: A person who is studies about different kinds of butterflies

entomology ( N) : A person who studies about insects 

moraine: ( N) A mountain of rocks deposited ( settled) by glaciers

enraptured ( V): meaning like exhilarated

introverted( Adj): Meaning shy and quiet.  

Harry Potter and the philosopher stone

Vigorously: to forecfully do something

The Giver 

Grotesquely: style of art ( kind of gross/twisted)

Immobilized : disable or paralyzed

imploringly : to beg or request

fugitives : Refugees

lethargy : lazy ( ehhh way)

trudged: walk slowly with heavy steps

Crossed ( matched series) 

Immovability : not moving or intended to move

Incinerator: a furnace to burn trash

Infiltrator: to pass  a group of spies to move into a territory

Replicate: make an exact same copy of something

Cultivate: to grow and look after something so it would grow

Vastness: great size or proportions

Incinerate: destroy or to burn

decoys: a fake version of something ( pretending to be the real target)

notch: a mark or a cut

quench: Satisfy

ammunition: data or evidence

Casualties: victim

Impulsive: emotional or passionate

Implemented: to perform

Imperceptible: undetectable ( can’t detect it)

The Heir 

Insanity : mentally ill

Deluge: a flood

Arbitrary: unpredictable

pliable: flexible or easily bent

Who was Anne Frank?

Fuhrer ( german): Leader

Cool it 

Recalibrate: to mark something differently

Correlate: to agree

epidemiologist: professional doctors who investigate patterns and causes

pummel: strike with the fist

fatigue: tiredness

cortex: the stem or root

Vertebrates: animal with distinguished backbone

Carcasses: the dead body of an animal

The Hunger Games

Surplus: Oversupply

Imprudent: to not show care

Indulge: to allow yourself to enjoy pleasure

convulse: muscle suffering

Penetrate: to pierce something

Perplexing: when your puzzled

Rendezvous: an appointment

Smoldering ( Adj) : it means to show scarely and suppressed anger

Prominent  Someone we’ll known or famous

Quizlet set 6

Twilight Saga 

Nostalgia: a feeling of pleasure that is also mixed with sadness

Parka: A large windproof jacket that has fur on the top

Maniac:  a person with wild behaviour

Egotistical : Self-centered and selfish

Skepticism: a doubtful feeling

Solemnity: serious and dignified mood

Profanities: curse word

Aneurysm : swelling ( medical)

Mahagony: hard, reddish timber from a tree

Disses : to criticize

Lunatic: Someone who is ill ( mentally)

Indulgence: the feeling of satisfaction

Quizlet set 5

The London Eye

Cantilever: long beam part of a bridge ( image)

Syndrome: a combinations of opinions

Anticyclonic: a type of weather experience

Claustrophobic: suffering from a certain illness

cataclysm: violent event in natural world

Quizlet set 4 

Out of the Dust

Parlor: a sitting room or a lounge room

Crammer: to prepare over a short period of time

Brew: to ferment ( to soak or to boil)

feud: to quarrel or to fight

betrothal: engaged

Favourite lines…

A blizzard of sweet smelling flowers

Thin as a fence rail

dust, piles up like snow

The wind screamed, the blowing dirt ran there

Steady as a good friend, who walks beside you and who cares for you

quizlet set 3

I am Malala

Commiserate: You feel pity

Riffles: a short shallow stream

Archaeologist: A scientist who studies about human history

Eucalyptus: it’s a kind of plant

Auspicious: hopeful

Undisputed : when it’s accepted

abominable: hateful/ enemies

obnoxious : not pleasent/ not happy about something


Quizlet set 2 words and roots

The Breadwinner

Billow: cloud, similar to smoke

Bristly: spiky and pointy

Pattu – wooledn blankets wron by Afghan boys

Nan: Afgan bread

Chador: large piece of cloth that is wrapped around head and body

Scorn: Lack of respect

Replenish: Replacing something again

Quizlet test root words

Wonder By RJ Palacio

“Like a lamb to a slaughter” :  something you say about someone where they go calmy and not knowing that something unpleasant is going to happen to them.

Percept: something like a motto

National Geographic magazine- September 

Decoy:a mammal or bird that is used to attract other mammals

Nebulous: not clear, cloudy

Audacious: brave and courageous

Loot: plunder or rob

Convective: to transfer heat

Genome: genetic material

Traumatic: disturbing and shocking

Culprit: person who is responsible for crime

The One

Linger: remaining or staying  at a place longer than usual                                                    

Enrapture: delight or exhilarated about

Grimace: to make faces at people

Obligate: to require

Skittish: excited and nervous – (animal)

Magistrate: an officer who deals with laws

Frivolous: not having any purpose or values

Subversive: to seek

Richot: bouncing back u from a surface

Miniscule: super small or tiny

Begrudge: to be jealous of someone

Repercussion: un welcoming someone


The Elite  By Kiera Cass

Bickering: to argue or to disagree

Treacherous: betrayal or guiltiness

Predecessor: person who held a job or office

Scrounge: to borrow or beg

Compartmentalise: to distinguish or to categories

Debris : to litter or to throw waste

Statuesque: graceful or attractive

Archaic: very old fashioned

diplomacy: conference


pester: to trouble or to annoy someone

absurdity: to be ridiculous or weird

Riddance: getting rid of

rearview: a mirror in a vehicle ( to show the back)

tamp: pack a hole ( to explode)


                                                                   ~GRADE 8~



Under all silences shades of love

brandish: wave

dormant: having normal physical functions suspended or slowed down for a period of time; in or as if in a deep sleep.

cacophony: tremendous noise

penitent: eager to be forgiven

decry: criticize openly

sentences I like…

Darkly risen, the moon speaks, my eyes are judging your roundless delightful

A life like mine

endure: suffer something painful

eczema: medical condition

Malnutrition: lack of proper nutrition

slums: dirty, poor homes/ villages


Looking back

Meticulous: showing great attention

sympathize: feel or express sypanthy

evocative: bringing strong images, memories or feelings

obsterics : the branch of medicine and surgery 

exuberant: full of energy, excitement and cheerfulness

stodgy: heavy filling

Benevolent: being kind

Unalterably: invariably

ravages: destruction

One crazy summer

stucco: dense soil

batter: shatter

brace: prepare oneself for something unpleasant or difficult

jab: a quick straight punch

whimper: muttering and complaining

scrutiny: intense look

Number the stars 

mourners: person who attends a death funeral

falter: lose strength or momentum

sabotage: destruction of property or interference with activities as a part of an effort against an enemy deftly

Deftly: quickly

Taut: stretch tightly
swastika: Nazi logo
gnarled: knotted
Chinese Cinderella and the mystery of the song dynasty painting
maiden: an unmarried girl or young woman.
massacre: slaughter of many people.
momentary: lasting for a short time
evocate : bringing strong images, memories, or feelings back to your mind.
lurch: unsteady, can’t control yourself
disown: to reject
perpetual : to never end or change.
versatile: able to adapt

Chinese Cinderella and the secret dragon society

timbre: tone or a musical sound effect

nonchalantly: unconcerned

sparsely: to reframe from harming

Nuisance: a person or thing causing inconvenience or annoyance.

provoke: easily to be attacked

Discrimination : being bias

Render: provide or give

hypnotherapy : the use of hypnosis as a therapeutic technique.

for example, you put a watch infront of you so that you could recall what had happended in the past

Chinese Cinderella 

Richshaw: ( two wheeled kart pulled by a man

Palpable: cable of being touched

Melee: Very noisy

Gawk: to stare

rivulet: a small stream


The BreadWinner

Nan (N): An Afghan bread

Brusquely: (V): quickly and somewhat rude

Linger: Slowly leaving

Quizlet set 4

Fault in our Stars

Oblivion ( n): Unaware and Un conscious of your surroundings

Pneumonia ( N): Lung infection caused by bacteria or viral infections

Etceteras: ( N) Unspecified

Dysmorphia (N): Abnormal of a shape or size in a particular body


Quizlet Set 3 


Obliterate ( V): To destroy or to wipe out

Confiscate ( V): To take or seize

Validity ( N): Having power or strength

Preliminary ( Adj): Good preparation

asphalt : a dark greyish ground for the roads

authoritative: able to be trusted

mussing: to make messy

maimed: people who are wounded

Irretrievable: not able to retrieve  or put right

Plague : a contagious bacteria or disease

Rudimentary: involving or limited to basic principles

halinghing: Whinny

Quizlet Set 2 

Heart and Soul ( the story of Florence Nightingale)

Idolent (Adj): Lazy

Manor: (N) :  Huge mansion

Affectionate (Adj): Showing love and is devoted

Tantalising ( V): To tease

Quizlet Set 1 

Catching Fire

Sedation ( N): a drug to make you sleep or calm

Emanate ( V): To proceed

Lopsided ( Adj): Not symmetrical, one side larger or smaller than the other

Devotion ( N)  or love for a person or an activity

Incentive  ( N) A thing that motivates or encourages someone to do something

Engross ( V): Absorb all the attention needed

Voluminous  ( Adj): Very loose or full

Spontaneous (Adj): Unforced

Abhorrent ( Adj): Hateful

Rendezvous ( N) An appointment

Instantaneous (Adj): Occurring or done instantly

Avert ( V): Turn away or aside

Surly ( Adj): Have bad feelings or angry all the time

Venomous ( N): Something extremely poisonous

Affix ( N): Attached to

Hunger Games

Rejuvenate ( V): Make someone or something feel better

Rage ( N): in a violent or uncontrollable anger

Endearment ( N): Sweet talk

Patronising : Saying things in a high quality

Ludicrous (AdJ): Foolish and unreasonable

Farcical ( Adj): Ridiculous aspects 

bewildered ( Adj): Confused and puzzled 

conspiratorially ( Adv): An evil and mean plan

hallucination ( N): in a dream or in a fantasy world 

Prominent ( Adj): Someone important or famous

hyperventilate ( V): Breathe in a abnormal way ( loss of Co2)

consolidate ( V): Make something stronger or solid

Vincent Van Gogh 

Rigid ( Adj)  Hard and firm people

Correspondence ( N): A close connection between people

Preacher ( N): A job that relates to religion.

Peasants ( N): a country woman

Chiaroscuro (N): the treatment of light and shade in a painting

Grieved ( V): Feel intense and sad

Penetrate ( V): Go into or with force

Entice ( V): To attract


The Sands of time 

unveil ( V): Reveal something

turpentine ( N): A type of wood oil

engulf: to sweep over ( flood

ram( V): roughly force something into place

tributaries (N) : a river or stream flowing into a larger river

Phonogram ( N):A symbol representing a vocal sound

Revolted ( V): feel disgusted

Usher ( V): Show or guide someone

Vaulted: ( V) provide a roof

Authentic ( Adj): Real

Amateurish: done

Alienated ( Adj): Shy book worm

Avoidance ( Adj) Keeping away or preventing what is happening

Lost & Found 

deputies ( N): Personal assistant

stiffen (V) : To thicken it or harden it 

involuntary (Adj): uncontrollable, can’t control your self

trample ( V): crushed or rolled down

attorneys  (n): A person who is like a lawyer

traumatic:  ( Adj): Disturbing or annoying

distinct (Adj): distinguishable

motored : Traveled in a motor cycle

enticing( Adj): attractive

diagnosed (V): examining the nature of illness

inherit (V): receive money

bawl (v): Shout or scream loudly

disbarment: a las that punishes people for a crime that they have done


Hellen Keller  

Impulse( N) : To urge to

Dachshund: ( N): A short legged dog

Ensuing ( V) : the result ( afterwards)

Subterfuge ( N): to achieve’s one goal

Mount ( V) to climb up a hill

Inherit ( V) : to receive things

Credentials ( N): A qualification or an achievement

Enlist ( V): to be enrol

Acquaintance ( N) a person you know and is slightly a friend

Exasperating ( Adj): Irritating or annoying 

Semi- Conscious ( Adj): Partly conscious

Boisterous   ( Adj): Noisy, energetic and cheerful. 

Invigorated ( V): Give strength or energy into

Flabber gast ( V): To surprise someone

insane asylum: an unbalanced person

mildred ( Adj): In American it means the  mild of strength

Trachoma (N) a disease that effects the eye

despairing (Adj): Showing the loss of hope( sad)

homogeneous (Adj) of the same kind


Words that I don’t know:

Wedge ( V): forced into a narrow spot ( Jammed, Cram, Squeeze)

Rococo( Adj): Fancy like the 18th-century continental Europe. 

Civilised( Adj): well behaved or having manners

Catapult (V): To hurl or launch 

Easel (N): A wooden frame holding a drawing or painting

Picturesque ( Adj): visually attractive

Philosophical (Adj): Having or showing calm attitude towards disappointments

Testimony: (N ) A formal written or spoken statement

Ornery: Bad temper to deal with

Dominated:( V) to have the power or the control

Incubating ( V) birds sit on eggs to keep the warm so later on they can hatch

Patio( N): like a plaza

Warbling ( V) singing softly and nicely ( birds)

Fettuccine (N)Pasta’s that are made out of ribbons

Excrement: (N) discharged or waste

Culprit (N): a person responsible for crime

Indecision (N): Lack of making decisions quickly

Embryos (N): an unborn or going to hatch ( process development)

Neglected (Adj) Lack of proper care

Chute : Water sliding to a pool

Iridescent: (Adj)  Showing glittering and glowing patterns /colours in different angles

Voluntarily (Adj): Something optional that you do

Scrutinised (V): to observe something closely

Bawling(V): to call or shout


Inside Out and Back Again  

Words that I don’t know:

Ripening ( V): To become ripe ( it’s ready)

Tamarind: A brown sticky candy

Tolerable (Adj) : Forgivable

Clusters ( N): A bunch or a collection of something

Endures ( Verb): Suffers something paninful

Words/phrases that I like:

1)  I shiver with hope

















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