Final Science Blog Post for Urinary System

1. I enjoyed the respiratory system the most because this was a daily thing we do everyday and we don’t really know where the oxygen goes and how the carbon dioxide gets released but now we know.

2. I learned that when I work with close friends I could work really fast but I could also sometimes fall off track and loose focus and stop working and play around but in the last couple lessons I was really working hard.

3.  I would plan out what my goals are for the the next lessons so I could get work done and know whether I am ahead of schedule or falling behind and need to focus more.

4. Photo on 5-3-15 at 2.02 PMPhoto on 5-3-15 at 2.02 PM #2

Science blog #4 Urninary System

1. We have almost completed our project. We have connected the two kidneys to the presentation board. We have also completed the filtration system in the kidneys and almost finished the pumps.

2. To make sure everything holds together and to get water and glitter in the system and get it working.

3. Nothing

4.Photo on 5-3-15 at 2.02 PMPhoto on 5-3-15 at 2.02 PM #2

WordPress blog Questions Science

1. We have completed most of the research but we just need to get some more detail in the paraphrasing. We need just complete the book of designs and we are almost there. We also need to get all the measurements for what we need.

2. To complete the booklet of designs and to complete the measurements for the materials that we will need.

3. We don’t need any materials because we need to complete the designs first.

4.  Photo on 6-2-15 at 11.34 AM

Robotics and Mechanics Semester 2

I have learned from all of my mistakes that I made from the Sumo Bot. My objective was for my new machine that I am making to work well and be the way I planned it to be. Of course there were many challenges I had to face for example I had to change from one design to a whole new other design. My machine was a chocolate milk making machine.

Christian, Julien and Lee This is our first blueprint.

Problem 1

At first I made my design seem very complicated with a tread that would pull the empty mug over to different stations and to stop at one station then move on to the next. Then when I had completed the tread I hooked up the motor of the tread to a battery box but the tread was not moving. The tread was getting stuck on the lego pieces below the tread and the could barely move because there was not enough friction between the tread and the gearing. The gearing was with an idler in the middle of the two main gears. Then I realised that the all the gears were two suppressed together that they did not really move. This was the first failure. Then Ms. Law came in to help solve the friction problem between the tread and the lego pieces below the tread. She gave me a simple solution that helped everything, she told me to use a platform because there are less bumps and the little bumps would be smoother. I completed everything but the I remembered that the mug would be at least twice as wide as the tread. I tried to combine two treads together but it did not work, the gears and trying to connect axels was not possible because the axels were not stiff enough to hold all the gears.

Problem 2

Now I had to start over with a whole new design not using the treads. It took me a whole period to find a new solution then I looked at what Julien was making how his machine could move up and down by using something like a tread but they look like little mountains like spikes that gears can roll on. I decided to use that so now my machine would now be like a train moving to different stations. I used some parts of my sumo bot so that I would not use a lot of time. I was finished but I was too late because then I realised that time was up and my project was due. I was still thinking of how my machine would move back and forth to different stations but it was unlucky that I was not able to finish my project.

I had learned from my sumo bot about how motors work and what kind of gearing I could use but time goes by and you have to remember that you could have made it but couldn’t. I was proud that I learned and used different types of gearing for example using the idler for the two big major gearings to rotate in the same direction. All in all I think I could have done better but I am glad I learned a lot.

Robotics and Mechanics A2 S1 Sumo Bot

Expectations: I have chosen a Sumo bot and designed by myself. I called it the Runaway Meat grinder. The reason I called it this is because it has 4 sensors and likes to runaway from other bots and has a self defence machine like a meat grinder. I have two touch sensors one on the back and one on the front of my bot. I have one ultra sonic sensor on the back of my bot and a light sensor on the front. I have programmed my bot to move stronger moving forward when my bot hits another bot when my touch sensor touches another bot then the Meat Grinder will have activated. If the back touch sensor is activated then my bot will move forward away from the other bot. My light sensor will sense the boundaries which would be a white line.

Reality: My bot actually just moves in circles. This may sound like a dumb move but it is very strong as it spins around quickly and destroys anything around it. The Meet Grinder does not work because I cannot find a motor that works but I think that it is still really good.

Sumo bot photo 1

This was the very star of my project with the simple basics and a strong chassis.


Batman VS The Penguin Debate

1. The Penguin’s main ideas is about how Batman might be a dangerous criminal and for the people not to vote for him as he may makes some bad decisions. The Penguin says that batman is a dangerous criminal trying to get power and rule the city but he is saying that if you vote for Penguin the people would be safe.

2. The Penguin is very mean and says that Batman is always in the newspaper with thugs and dangerous criminals and might be doing illegal actions. He also said that why does batman hide behind his mask and said he might be a dangerous criminal covering his past, but also rudely said he had a hideous costume.

3. I am not surprised how Batman made his rebuttal. Batman stayed calm and did not fight back but instead just made a funny song about Penguin being the bad guy and making him look stupid. But I also wonder why Batman did not just shoot back at what Penguin said.

4. I think that it is fair for both to get to say what they want. But I just don’t think it is fair for how Penguin talks about Batman and saying all the things that are not right about him and telling lies, like how he was always caught in the papers with thugs and criminals, Batman is not doing illegal activity he is just stopping criminals.

5. I think that Batman has the best manner because he does not shout back or tell lies about Penguin, he just rights a song about what things he has done wrong and how he might be evil, not lies about newspapers.

The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis

Chapter 13, 14 ,15

Difficulty level Young adult


In this section of the book is really intense. Parvana knows that the rest of her family is in Mazar and she just realized that Mazar was already taken over by the taliban so she was frightened. Parvana decided that one day it was okay to dig bones and make a lot of money, but she got money but got really sad and went back to selling goods. A couple days later Parvana was at home getting ready to eat when she saw a man that was hardly recognizable, but she knew who he was, it was her dad. Parvana father had come back out of prison. Parvana and the men that brought the father back and Mrs. Weera had a cup of tea together. The men said that they found him outside of the prison unable to move around on his own, so they asked him where he lived, then brought him back. After a couple weeks Homa, the girl that Parvana found, talked properly with Parvana’s father. They knew that Nooria and her mother might have been caught by the taliban in Mazar. Parvana’s father decided to ask the men that brought him back for another favor to bring them to Mazar and find Nooria and mother. After two weeks they were all ready to go to Mazar and find them. They were off and that is where they left me.


I cannot really relate to this because I am very lucky and probably never have to experience what Parvana did. But I can relate this to another book that is also a movie Lone Survivor. It is about how 4 Navy seals are attacked in Afghanistan by the taliban and only one survive.  And now I really know what it looks like in Afghanistan.


I think that I am very lucky compare to what Parvana has to suffer everyday. And I know that I am always saying I hate school but now I know that it is really important.