The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis

Chapter 13, 14 ,15

Difficulty level Young adult


In this section of the book is really intense. Parvana knows that the rest of her family is in Mazar and she just realized that Mazar was already taken over by the taliban so she was frightened. Parvana decided that one day it was okay to dig bones and make a lot of money, but she got money but got really sad and went back to selling goods. A couple days later Parvana was at home getting ready to eat when she saw a man that was hardly recognizable, but she knew who he was, it was her dad. Parvana father had come back out of prison. Parvana and the men that brought the father back and Mrs. Weera had a cup of tea together. The men said that they found him outside of the prison unable to move around on his own, so they asked him where he lived, then brought him back. After a couple weeks Homa, the girl that Parvana found, talked properly with Parvana’s father. They knew that Nooria and her mother might have been caught by the taliban in Mazar. Parvana’s father decided to ask the men that brought him back for another favor to bring them to Mazar and find Nooria and mother. After two weeks they were all ready to go to Mazar and find them. They were off and that is where they left me.


I cannot really relate to this because I am very lucky and probably never have to experience what Parvana did. But I can relate this to another book that is also a movie Lone Survivor. It is about how 4 Navy seals are attacked in Afghanistan by the taliban and only one survive.  And now I really know what it looks like in Afghanistan.


I think that I am very lucky compare to what Parvana has to suffer everyday. And I know that I am always saying I hate school but now I know that it is really important.

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