Batman VS The Penguin Debate

1. The Penguin’s main ideas is about how Batman might be a dangerous criminal and for the people not to vote for him as he may makes some bad decisions. The Penguin says that batman is a dangerous criminal trying to get power and rule the city but he is saying that if you vote for Penguin the people would be safe.

2. The Penguin is very mean and says that Batman is always in the newspaper with thugs and dangerous criminals and might be doing illegal actions. He also said that why does batman hide behind his mask and said he might be a dangerous criminal covering his past, but also rudely said he had a hideous costume.

3. I am not surprised how Batman made his rebuttal. Batman stayed calm and did not fight back but instead just made a funny song about Penguin being the bad guy and making him look stupid. But I also wonder why Batman did not just shoot back at what Penguin said.

4. I think that it is fair for both to get to say what they want. But I just don’t think it is fair for how Penguin talks about Batman and saying all the things that are not right about him and telling lies, like how he was always caught in the papers with thugs and criminals, Batman is not doing illegal activity he is just stopping criminals.

5. I think that Batman has the best manner because he does not shout back or tell lies about Penguin, he just rights a song about what things he has done wrong and how he might be evil, not lies about newspapers.

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