Robotics and Mechanics A2 S1 Sumo Bot

Expectations: I have chosen a Sumo bot and designed by myself. I called it the Runaway Meat grinder. The reason I called it this is because it has 4 sensors and likes to runaway from other bots and has a self defence machine like a meat grinder. I have two touch sensors one on the back and one on the front of my bot. I have one ultra sonic sensor on the back of my bot and a light sensor on the front. I have programmed my bot to move stronger moving forward when my bot hits another bot when my touch sensor touches another bot then the Meat Grinder will have activated. If the back touch sensor is activated then my bot will move forward away from the other bot. My light sensor will sense the boundaries which would be a white line.

Reality: My bot actually just moves in circles. This may sound like a dumb move but it is very strong as it spins around quickly and destroys anything around it. The Meet Grinder does not work because I cannot find a motor that works but I think that it is still really good.

Sumo bot photo 1

This was the very star of my project with the simple basics and a strong chassis.


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