Unit 3: Book Art – In Progress

1. What are you doing to transform the book?

I am cutting out a rectangular frame out of the pages from the book. In addition, I will also add a drawing of the Jerusalem skyline since that’s where the main character, Habibi moves to.

2. How are your ideas original?

My ideas are original since I’m creating something that I’ve never seen anyone else create before. Although people may have also made a frame from the book paper, I’m taking it one more step further and actually adding a drawing of something that’s significant in the book.

3. What techniques are you using to create your sculpture? (Collage, newspaper form, diorama, etc)

I am kind of using diorama since I created a small space with the book pages and added a colorful scene in it.

4. Evaluate your craftsmanship – how much care and attention to detail are you putting into your sculpture?

I am puttingĀ care and attention into my sculpture by adding small details in the drawing such as different colors and small outlines. Although I could’ve been more careful while cutting out my frame since it’s not the neatest.

5. Evaluate your time management – how are you using your time?

I managed my time pretty well since I got everything done and completed without wasting any time.

6. What improvements could you make?

As mentioned above, I could’ve made my edges neater and more clean.

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