Sculpture: Architecture – Amphitheatre

a389414a-f3ee-4d8e-804c-d84b4708b08b71a0b2e0-5469-4dba-9a25-11f577be894c1. Who is it for?

The amphitheatre was made for students to hangout, play basketball, soccer, etc. during break times.

2. What is the design?

The design is imitating a Roman amphitheatre. It has stairs that lead to the bottom, where there’s empty space for activities.

3. Where is it?

The amphitheatre is located in the middle of the middle school so students and teachers can easily see gatherings there.

4. Why was it made?

It was made for gatherings and for people to spend their free time.

5. Do you notice anything that could be improved about the space? Add your critique about the space

The staircase could be wider so more people could walk up and down, as it usually gets crowded. There could also be more blue seats on the larger stairs so more people can sit.

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