Unit 4: Community Center for Refugees in HK

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Written Reflection:

2) Explain who your design is for. Who makes up the particular community?

Our design was made for the refugee community in Hong Kong.

3) Explain what your design is inspired by. What ideas and inspirations helped shape your design? Use specific examples from your model to share.

The residential part of our design was inspired by pyramids since we thought it would be unique as well as improve stability. The pool was just a regular square one and we used blue plastic sheets to use as the water.

4) Explain where you envision your design to be located (in Hong Kong) AND how that shaped your building design (Think back to Mr. Leung’s talk)

I envision the design to be next to a beach since the beach is part of our design and  provides recreation for the refugees.

5) Explain why your building is relevant. What needs are you meeting and how are you doing that?

Our structure is relevant since we are meeting various needs such as shelter, security, health, recreation. Recreation is provided from the beach, the pool, the hot tub, and the playground. The building and the security guards give security and shelter while the gym helps the refugees remain healthy.

6) How are you addressing the need of beauty in your design? (How is your design contributing to making life more beautiful?)

One way the design addresses the need of beauty is by having nature e.g., a beach and trees. Another way it addresses the need of beauty is through symmetry. All of the buildings (the gym, the building where the refugees are staying, security stations) are symmetrical.

7) What design element are your most proud of?

I am probably most proud of the trees since I spent quite a while to make them and it turned out well.

8) What design element needs further refinement and improvement?

In order to improve the design, I think we could’ve been more precise when measuring the foam boards since they’re not exactly all aligned. For example, I could’ve measured more accurately while making the security buildings since one building is taller than the other and the windows aren’t the same.

9) In your opinion, how important is architecture? Provide a definition of architecture and explain its relevance in your life and in our society.

I think that architecture is really important since it can be useful in many different ways. Without architecture, we wouldn’t be living in buildings and obviously wouldn’t be as comfortable as we are now. Also, we wouldn’t have the sense of security that we do with architecture.

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