MINP – January Text to Text

Text to Text between Gone by Michael Grant, Maze Runner Trilogy by James Dashner, and Divergent series by Veronica Roth. I found that these three books had similar plots with each other.

One aspect that I thought was particularly similar between Gone and the Scorch Trials is that the main characters have all lost their parents. In Gone, everyone above the age of 15 mysteriously disapears, leaving the children alone to fend for themselves, which eventually causes disorder. In the Maze Runner trilogy, the main characters are stripped from their families and sent through a series of challenges where they have to protect themselves and their friends. When they where in the maze, there was a lot of chaos, since there wasn’t a proper adult there who had the authority to control them, just like the situation in Gone.

Something that I found alike between the Maze Runner Trilogy and Divergent was that characters in the stories were hidden from the rest of the world. For example, when the Gladers (basically the main characters) were trapped in the maze, they were cut off from the rest of civilization. Everyday, they would struggle to find a way out of the maze that they’ve been trapped in inside ever since they remembered. After they eventually escaped, the Gladers were astounded to find what had become of their world. The towns were dried and abandoned, because of extreme exposure from the sun. Same goes for the Divergent series. When Tobias and Tris rode the train all the way to the end of the fence, they found an abandoned city with the remains of crumbled buildings everywhere.

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MINP – September Written Response

After reading both the Harry Potter series and the Divergent series, I found many similarities between the theme, the characters, and the setting. I found the main character of Harry Potter, Harry, and the main character of the Divergent series, Tris, very similar. They both have a symbol that most represents them and the hardships that they have been through, Harry – the lightning scar on his forehead symbolizes how Voldemort killed his parents and attempted to kill him, while Tris has the three bird tattoos that identifies her bravery, because of the fears that she’s overcome throughout her life. Both Harry Potter and Divergent’s settings are also pretty harsh. I wouldn’t like to find myself someday in their dystopian world. While Harry Potter’s location in the first few books are mild, I would absolutely not want to be involved in a scene where there is a battle against Death Eaters. On the other hand, I would never want to wake up in Tris’ society where people are sorted and are indirectly threatened to be kicked out of the groups they thought they belonged to. Lastly, I found that both books had a lot to do with hurt and betrayal. Expectedly, people feel betrayed and hurt a lot in daily lives, but Harry and Tris have both felt misery from people they or their relatives are close to. For example, Harry’s parents both died because of how Peter Pettigrew, one of James Potter’s childhood best friend disclosed their hiding spot to Lord Voldemort. He then also accused Sirius Black of supposedly revealing their hiding spot. In Tris’ case, her own brother betrayed her for a cause that he didn’t know was true or not. He took Erudite’s side, against his own sibling that he knew for his entire life.