MINP – March Blog Post #1 Animal Farm Character Analysis

Animal Farm, a book by George Orwell has a variety of different characters with various different personalities. But one animal’s personality that I found compelling and had a lot of thoughts about was Napoleon, the leader of the animals. Napoleon starts out as a good and strong leader, but then later on in the book, you can see how his attitude begins to shift drastically. I found that Napoleon was heartless, unfair, unreasonable, dishonest, and corrupted by power.

One trait that I found Napoleon to be was heartless. Throughout the book, George Orwell proves Napoleon to be a similar leader to Joseph Stalin, which shows his lack of emotion. For example, after Napoleon found out that two pigs betrayed him for Snowball, he ordered his guard dogs to tear them to shreds at once. Napoleon didn’t even bother to give them a second chance, but instead, overwhelmed by his heartlessness, he chose to kill them off. To add onto the point of Napoleon being heartless, the tyrant sent Boxer, his most loyal follower to a butcher after he became old and frail. This shows a lot about him, since Napoleon showed no sympathy or hesitation of sending Boxer away for his own benefit, regardless whether or not he played a major role in helping Napoleon get to where he is now.

I also found that Napoleon treats his ‘fellow comrades’ unreasonably by not staying with what his followers originally agreed on. After Napoleon became the clear leader without a potential threat, he began to slowly shift the rules without a consensus. At first, Napoleon and the others establish that no alcohol is to be consumed, no animal shall sleep in a bed, and no animal shall kill another animal. Napoleon breaks these laws then continues to change them immediately after he does. For example, after the animals found Napoleon clearly drinking liquor, the animals find out that he had changed the law to no animals shall become drunk, although consumption of it is fine. Another example is when Napoleon allows all of the pigs to sleep in Mr. Jones’ house, on beds. By arranging this, he is already giving an advantage to the pigs to be more superior, naturally causing it to be unfair for the others. A last example is of Napoleon mercilessly killing the animals that merely committed a crime. This shows that he is unfair and unreasonable for, as mentioned above, not giving the animals a second chance for a small mistake they made. Assumably, Napoleon orders someone to change the commandment from “No animal shall kill another animal”, to “No animal shall kill another animal without cause”.

The last trait that I found Napoleon to be was corrupted. Although he may have been turned for the worse, it wasn’t entirely his fault, since it’s natural to be tempted by all that power. Evidence of Napoleon turning corrupted by power can be found nearly everywhere in Animal Farm. For instance, in the beginning, when he didn’t have that much power as he was always trying to compete with Snowball for leadership, the animals appeared to prefer him. The old Napoleon was more caring and thoughtful about what everybody wanted and came close to satisfying everyone’s needs, not only his own. But once Snowball was banished and Napoleon became the distinct leader, Napoleon began to become the heartless, untrustworthy leader he is now. Napoleon was tempted to do whatever he pleased because of all the things that he could control.

So in conclusion, after reading the book, I found that Napoleon wasn’t the best leader for the animals and someone else more humble or wiser should’ve taken the lead. As the story progresses, we can see how Napoleon’s attitude changes and the animals viewpoints on it. The more and more Napoleon stays a leader, the more and more the animals have an unpleasant life filled with labor under a cruel hand.

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MINP – January Text to Text

Text to Text between Gone by Michael Grant, Maze Runner Trilogy by James Dashner, and Divergent series by Veronica Roth. I found that these three books had similar plots with each other.

One aspect that I thought was particularly similar between Gone and the Scorch Trials is that the main characters have all lost their parents. In Gone, everyone above the age of 15 mysteriously disapears, leaving the children alone to fend for themselves, which eventually causes disorder. In the Maze Runner trilogy, the main characters are stripped from their families and sent through a series of challenges where they have to protect themselves and their friends. When they where in the maze, there was a lot of chaos, since there wasn’t a proper adult there who had the authority to control them, just like the situation in Gone.

Something that I found alike between the Maze Runner Trilogy and Divergent was that characters in the stories were hidden from the rest of the world. For example, when the Gladers (basically the main characters) were trapped in the maze, they were cut off from the rest of civilization. Everyday, they would struggle to find a way out of the maze that they’ve been trapped in inside ever since they remembered. After they eventually escaped, the Gladers were astounded to find what had become of their world. The towns were dried and abandoned, because of extreme exposure from the sun. Same goes for the Divergent series. When Tobias and Tris rode the train all the way to the end of the fence, they found an abandoned city with the remains of crumbled buildings everywhere.

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MINP – January Fake Instagram

a184bd29-0780-464a-918f-163dfd9d4532For this month’s MINP, I made an instagram account for Severus Snape, a character from the Harry Potter series. So far, I posted five pictures that I thought meant a lot to him. The first picture that I posted was a picture of 7 potion bottles that were mentioned throughout the series. One example is of the polyjuice potion. The polyjuice potion played a major role in a few books, since it does perform the useful task of turning into someone else. The second picture I posted was of a green eye, resembling Lilly Evans/Potter’s. In the last book, a few of Snape’s memories were shared with Harry, including multiple of him and Harry’s mother, Lilly. Snape fell in love with Lilly at a young age, and was heartbroken after she wedded James Potter. However, this didn’t modify his love for her as when Dumbledore made him vow to take care of Harry, Lilly’s son, he unhesitantly agreed. Lilly and Harry’s green eyes are mentioned and noticed a lot by Snape. The third thing that I posted was a picture of his patronus. This also relates to Lilly since they both have the same animal as their patronus; a doe. The fourth picture is text that says, “This book is the property of the Half Blood Prince.” Snape played a great role in the 6th book, The Half Blood Prince as the Half Blood Prince is unveiled as Snape. The last thing that I posted was a picture of the Defence Against the Dark Arts textbook. During 5 of the books, Snape shows a strong passion for becoming the teacher of the Defence Against the Dark Arts course, but is restricted by Dumbledore to do so.

Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter. UK: Bloomsbury, print

MINP – December Multimedia Response

The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall

Fake Facebook for Delia Piven:

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 7.31.51 pm


For this post, I added various details such as adding pictures of friends of Delia’s (bottom left corner) that fit the description of what the book told me. For example, Janie was described to be goth by then, Florence was a beautiful young lady with long, flowing hair, and Theo was made out to be a handsome boy in his mid-20s. I also included status’ that Delia others that posted on her wall, relating to her life, as described in the book, once again. Her first post was of the frustration she was feeling towards her parents, saying that they were being unreasonable for going to the airport and stopping her from going on an untold getaway to Daytona. The second post was of Janie Piven, Delia’s sister, apologizing for her and her parent’s misunderstanding Delia, which resulted to her death. The third post on her wall was a CNN report of her bizarre passing away. Lastly, I made Delia update her status to the time after she turned into a Piven Institute ghost. She says state-of-non-existance to the human world because in this novel, when you’re a ghost, humans can’t hear or see you, as they can only feel your presence with them.

Nanowrimo Review

Overall, How did Nanowrimo go? What went well? What did not go well?

I thought that Nanowrimo was a good experience since we don’t really get the opportunity to actually sit down and write for 30 days straight. What didn’t go well was that I sometimes didn’t write as much on some days because I kind of got bored with my story.


What did you learn about yourself? (Did you grow in writing or discipline or any other areas?)

I definitely grew in discipline, since in the beginning of the month, I didn’t pay attention to my novel that much since I knew that it was due at the end of the month, so I procrastinated. But at around the middle of the month, I started to work harder and write more words.


What is the end result?

I don’t think i’m going to get it published, but i’m keeping at least my plan, in case I need an idea for another short story.

MINP – October Written Response

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 5.58.48 pmYeonmi Park FAKE Obituary

Yeon-mi Park, former North Korean defector, author, and human rights activist passed away on October 22, 2098 at the age of 105 years old. 

Yeon-mi Park was born in the North Korean town of Hyesan, and lived a life under the harsh regime of Kim Jung-Un where food was very scarce and North Koreans were forced to worship the Kim family as if they were gods.

Yeon-mi and her family decided that their future in North Korea had reached a dead end and decided to escape their severely strict hometown in hope of finding a more fortunate life. They crossed the border to China on a frosty winter night, but only to be tricked into getting involved with the appalling business of human trafficking.

In 2009, Yeon-mi eventually found liberty in Seoul, South Korea, where she continued her education and graduated from Dongguk University.

After the North Korean defector experienced all these extreme hardships in her life, she decided to help other North Koreans escape from Kim Jung-Un’s reign. She was an active member of LiNK (Liberty in North Korea), a non-profitable organisation that helps North Koreans flee to South Korea or the U.S.

In 2015, at the age of 22, Yeon-mi released her first book, In Order to Live, an autobiography about her deprivations and her fortuitous encounters before she reached freedom.

Rest in peace Yeon-mi Park, you will always be remembered for all of the charitableness you have provided for many.


MINP – October Multimedia Response

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 8.21.56 pm

I can relate these songs to how different characters in the novel Every Day by David Levithan are feeling throughout the story.

“Clarity” – A know that even though he loves Rhiannon, he feels like it would be much less complicated if he didn’t because then he wouldn’t have to visit her each day.

“Alive” – A finally feels at peace during the part where he and Rhiannon go and have a day off at the beach. He also wants that moment to last forever, hoping that he will not have to face the harsh reality where he changes into a different body every day.

“Stay With Me” & “Make It Work” – These two songs represent how A feels around the middle of the book after both Rhiannon and A admits to liking each other. Rhiannon isn’t really keen on keeping up with a relationship with a guy who changes into a different form every day. Eventually, A convinces her to stay with him.

“Happily” – This song describes how A is telling Rhiannon that he is the better for her and he can actually listen to her, rather than Justin. He is also saying that he knows that Rhiannon is happier with him and is puzzled on why she won’t just break up with him if she’s unhappy.

“Goodbye” – This song shows how A doesn’t want to say goodbye and leave Rhiannon but he has to cope with it since he knows that it isn’t fair for Rhiannon when he changes into a different body every single day. This song also shows that he still loves Rhiannon and in a different circumstance, he would definitely stay with her.

MINP – September Written Response

After reading both the Harry Potter series and the Divergent series, I found many similarities between the theme, the characters, and the setting. I found the main character of Harry Potter, Harry, and the main character of the Divergent series, Tris, very similar. They both have a symbol that most represents them and the hardships that they have been through, Harry – the lightning scar on his forehead symbolizes how Voldemort killed his parents and attempted to kill him, while Tris has the three bird tattoos that identifies her bravery, because of the fears that she’s overcome throughout her life. Both Harry Potter and Divergent’s settings are also pretty harsh. I wouldn’t like to find myself someday in their dystopian world. While Harry Potter’s location in the first few books are mild, I would absolutely not want to be involved in a scene where there is a battle against Death Eaters. On the other hand, I would never want to wake up in Tris’ society where people are sorted and are indirectly threatened to be kicked out of the groups they thought they belonged to. Lastly, I found that both books had a lot to do with hurt and betrayal. Expectedly, people feel betrayed and hurt a lot in daily lives, but Harry and Tris have both felt misery from people they or their relatives are close to. For example, Harry’s parents both died because of how Peter Pettigrew, one of James Potter’s childhood best friend disclosed their hiding spot to Lord Voldemort. He then also accused Sirius Black of supposedly revealing their hiding spot. In Tris’ case, her own brother betrayed her for a cause that he didn’t know was true or not. He took Erudite’s side, against his own sibling that he knew for his entire life.