MINP – October Written Response

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 5.58.48 pmYeonmi Park FAKE Obituary

Yeon-mi Park, former North Korean defector, author, and human rights activist passed away on October 22, 2098 at the age of 105 years old. 

Yeon-mi Park was born in the North Korean town of Hyesan, and lived a life under the harsh regime of Kim Jung-Un where food was very scarce and North Koreans were forced to worship the Kim family as if they were gods.

Yeon-mi and her family decided that their future in North Korea had reached a dead end and decided to escape their severely strict hometown in hope of finding a more fortunate life. They crossed the border to China on a frosty winter night, but only to be tricked into getting involved with the appalling business of human trafficking.

In 2009, Yeon-mi eventually found liberty in Seoul, South Korea, where she continued her education and graduated from Dongguk University.

After the North Korean defector experienced all these extreme hardships in her life, she decided to help other North Koreans escape from Kim Jung-Un’s reign. She was an active member of LiNK (Liberty in North Korea), a non-profitable organisation that helps North Koreans flee to South Korea or the U.S.

In 2015, at the age of 22, Yeon-mi released her first book, In Order to Live, an autobiography about her deprivations and her fortuitous encounters before she reached freedom.

Rest in peace Yeon-mi Park, you will always be remembered for all of the charitableness you have provided for many.


MINP – October Multimedia Response

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I can relate these songs to how different characters in the novel Every Day by David Levithan are feeling throughout the story.

“Clarity” – A know that even though he loves Rhiannon, he feels like it would be much less complicated if he didn’t because then he wouldn’t have to visit her each day.

“Alive” – A finally feels at peace during the part where he and Rhiannon go and have a day off at the beach. He also wants that moment to last forever, hoping that he will not have to face the harsh reality where he changes into a different body every day.

“Stay With Me” & “Make It Work” – These two songs represent how A feels around the middle of the book after both Rhiannon and A admits to liking each other. Rhiannon isn’t really keen on keeping up with a relationship with a guy who changes into a different form every day. Eventually, A convinces her to stay with him.

“Happily” – This song describes how A is telling Rhiannon that he is the better for her and he can actually listen to her, rather than Justin. He is also saying that he knows that Rhiannon is happier with him and is puzzled on why she won’t just break up with him if she’s unhappy.

“Goodbye” – This song shows how A doesn’t want to say goodbye and leave Rhiannon but he has to cope with it since he knows that it isn’t fair for Rhiannon when he changes into a different body every single day. This song also shows that he still loves Rhiannon and in a different circumstance, he would definitely stay with her.