April 28, 2016 – SML Blog Post

  1. What is you topic and why did you choose it? My topic is baking and I chose it because I love to bake and get involved in the kitchen but I don’t get to do it very often.
  1. Describe your experience so far: What challenges have you faced? Did you overcome those challenges? Some challenges that I’ve faced is trying to think about how my cookbook going to look like at the end and trying to find a variety of recipes that scale differently on a difficulty scale.
  1. Has your project changed since the beginning? If so, how?  My project hasn’t changed from the beginning.
  2. What are you proud of so far?  So far, I’m proud of my successful creations because each and every time I succeed, I feel satisfied but if I don’t succeed, I try to think about what I can do differently for next time.
  3. Do you feel creative when doing SML? If so, what are the conditions that help you to be creative? When I do SML, I feel a little bit creative because I try to make recipes that anyone can make at home with what they have.
  4. Can you share any specific samples of you learning? I’ve taken pictures of the treats that I make and I keep a record of my successes and failures in a notebook.
  5. What have you learned about yourself as a learner? How do you learn best? Does the structure of SML help? Or is the structure frustrating you? I learned that I can make delicious recipes with just the materials that I have at home. I learn best when I am physically making the food because I learn as I make it. To me, the structure of SML is helping me because I like to have some time to find recipes and then making them.





Courage Unit- Identity, Racism, Stereotypes and Prejudice Reflection

During the courage unit, the key concepts that I learned was identity, racism, prejudice and stereotypes. Before this unit even began, I only knew the basic definitions of these words and never went into depth of really understanding them. After reading about Jennifer Wang and her struggle to find her identity, I kept asking myself if I’ve ever felt like her before, if I’ve never really know how to describe my own identity. I never really thought about how one might struggle to find his or her own identity. I guess I just thought this because I’ve never really tried to find my own identity. So during our discussions about identity, I kept thinking about if I were in Jennifer Wang’s shoes, how would I introduce myself. Before watching Jesus Colon’s story, I just thought that stereotypes are like first impressions. As we went further into this lesson, I learned that stereotypes is more like an assumption that you have for different races. I’ve been in HKIS since R1 and I haven’t really seen anyone be racist or discriminate anyone. I think that this is because since we are an international school, we kind of have to accept people in no matter what. I feel like racism doesn’t really happen much but happens because there aren’t that many people who can watch over us to make sure that we don’t discriminate. Race shapes the way we see others because when we see someone, we think about stereotypes and that affects on who we want to hang out with.


I don’t exactly know, but I understand that being judged is a very bad thing. Knowing that people around are talking about you behind your back, not knowing if they are good or bad things doesn’t bring the best out of you. The stories that were said in class made the situation of identity, stereotype, prejudice, and race very sad. This is not only because the idea of someone talking about you or your parents is the not an act of kindness but also the idea of discrimination.

Discrimination is a strong word combing the four terms that are mentioned above. The limits that people make to do or even say anything that is discriminating, has a sense of feeling down and the idea of negativity.

Competence Unit Reflection



During the competence unit, I learned different ways to take notes and study for assessments. One way that I learned how to take notes was instead of just taking down what I thought was important, I would add in a question or two and use summarise what the text was talking about to see if I really understood it. Another way that I studied was making notecards of keywords and putting the definitions down on the back and learning the definitions to help me.  Some study strategies that didn’t seem to work for me was taking down what I thought was important, adding in a summary and questions. This didn’t work because I found that I was always forgetting to add in the summary and my questions would mainly be questions that either were answered in the text or they just wouldn’t make that much sense. A strategy that worked best for me was using notecards because by using notecards, I am memorising the information chunk by chunk instead of memorising a chapter at a time. Next time there is a test, I will prepare by using the notecard method and to improve this method, I am to organise the information so that it is easier for me to take in and digest.

I definitely feel like I am more competent than I was before this unit because my parents would never talk to me about anything that had to do with politics but now that I’m more competent, I want to be able to talk to them about politics. I feel like my parents see me as immature because they mostly talk to my sister about world news and whenever I want to join in a d give my opinion, it doesn’t really work. Some advice that I would give the eighth graders next year is to start talking to your parents about politics even if they don’t take you as seriously as you thought they would.

Spring Parent Teacher Conference Reflection

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After looking at my improve improve brainframe, I have decided to work on speaking, writing, listening, vocabulary , reading and approaches to learning. For speaking, with any upcoming assignments, I will record myself using quicktime audio and then listen to the recording and self assess myself so I know what I can improve. For writing, I will work on applying my knowledge from noredink into my writing pieces to show that I understand what I learned and how to use it. For vocabulary, I need to work on reading different genres of books seeing that I mainly read fiction. To improve this, I will go to the library and ask Ms McCann for some recommendations and also get some recommendations from my friends. I can also work on newsela and read theory to improve my reading comprehension. For vocabulary, I need to work on using more advanced vocabulary in my writing pieces and into my everyday conversations. For listening, I need to work on making connections or piggybacking on other people in class discussions. For approaches to learning, I need to work on coming into homework help with Ms Bevear whether it is reading or checking in with her. Some comments that I received from Ms Bevear is that I need to work on coming in after school and taking risks with my vocabulary.


Celebrating Christmas in Korea- Oral Presentation



我是在香港出生的韩国人。因为我的父母是韩国人,所以我们全家每年都会回韩国过圣诞节。也因为我的妈妈的家人都住在韩国,所以我们每年都会跟他们一起过圣诞节。在韩国除了过圣诞节以外,我们还去Pheonix Park 滑雪。


每年圣诞节的时候, 我们学校都会放三个星期的长假。所以我们有足够 (zu gou)的时间回去。外公外婆每年准备很多有韩国特色的家常菜。而且他们已经把房间布置好了。外公外婆家很有节日气氛。我一般跟外婆一起去超市买东西。我喜欢和她一起去因为她会给我买好吃的东西。虽然在香港的时候我总是挑食,可是一看到外婆做的美食,我就不再挑食。我对做饭很感兴趣,有时候帮她做紫菜包饭。我们一边做饭,一边聊天。吃饭的时候,妈妈家的亲戚朋友都来了。他们带很多圣诞礼物给我们。外婆准备了各式各样的地道美食。鸡鸭鱼肉都有。我特别喜欢吃她做的韩国烤牛肉,韩国红烧土豆,炒年糕和米饭。因为这些菜酸酸甜甜,而且有一点儿辣。


每次吃完圣诞晚餐后,我会和我的表妹们一起唱歌和聊天。大人们有的说话,有的吃饭。 从六点到九点大家都玩儿得很开心。在韩国的圣诞节假期,我们每天都吃很多新鲜的沙拉。妈妈不喜欢我们吃快餐。




LA Goals

Quarter 2 Reading Goal: My reading goal for quarter two is to read different genres. Seeing as I mainly read fiction, I want to challenge myself to choose different genres either from the library or at home. This proof will be recorded in my reading log.

Quarter 2 Writing Goal: My writing goal for quarter two is to use more challenging words not only from the quizlet lists but also from the words in my wonder words wall. I will know that I have achieved my goal when I highlight or underline the challenging words in my writing pieces. This evidence will be in my       stories that I write for LA.

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Approaches to Learning

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Quarter 4  Reading Goal: My reading goal for quarter four will be the same as my quarter two reading goal which is to read different genres of books either from home or school because I mainly read fiction and I want to have at least one book in each of the categories. This evidence will be recorded in my reading log.

Quarter 4 Writing Goal: My writing goal for quarter four will also be the same as quarter two which is to use more challenging vocabulary from my word wall into everyday conversations and into my writing pieces. I will know that I have achieved my goal when I have underlined the words from my word wall. This evidence will be recorded in my writing pieces.


Quarter Four Goals

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Approaches to Learning Q4

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Chinese Cinderella Summative:

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Photo on 12-10-15 at 2.06 pm #2 A challenge for me was making sure that there was an opinion, quote and so what for each question and not having any typos. I am pleased with how much depth I put in my answers.


Photo on 12-10-15 at 2.06 pm #3A challenge for me was making sure that the quote had quotation marks for the quotes and re-reading my answers to make sure that they made sense and were relevant to the question.

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Reading Assessment

Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.15 pmPhoto on 11-1-16 at 12.19 pm #2Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.19 pm #3


What I did well was I included details in my answers.

What I need to do is I could colour code it.


Book Club Discussion with Kareen

Link to the First Book Club Discussion: https://drive.google.com/a/hkis.edu.hk/file/d/0B34-2PmQ270aSTdwVEV2YUxaSDA/view?usp=sharing

Reflection: In the video, I am discussing our book Matched with my partner Kareen and we are reading off of our post-it notes which include our notes from reading. We took turns reading off of our sticky notes, we had five categories which were comments, clues, continuing on, clarifications and connections. Overall, I thought that we did very well but I thought that we could’ve been a bit louder or moved to a different location so that our voices weren’t as buried inside the noises of other groups.


Link to the final Book Club Discussion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AII41-aDmoA

Reflection: In the video, my partner Kareen and I were reading off of our post-it notes which have our notes from our reading. We took turns reading off of our sticky-notes and we added on to each others notes if we had anything to piggyback on. Something that I thought we did well was I was clear and was an attentive listener and despite the loud noise, I thought that we got through it okay. Something that I thought we needed to improve on was moving to another location because I found it a bit hard to hear the conversation.

8 Traits Rubric

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EHIC Video
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Strengths: Some strengths that I thought I had was my background music was effective, I had pictures that related to the topic, there wasn’t anything distractions in my background as I was doing my recording, I gave clear summaries and connections with the text, I added in my opinion and my volume for my video was just right. The background music was effective because it fit in just right with what I was saying, it didn’t overpower my voice while doing the voiceover and so I was able to hear myself as I was finalising my video.

Weaknesses: Some weaknesses that I thought I had was I didn’t have an introduction and some of my images were pixilated. To make this better, I can think about typing an introduction and summarise what I’ll be talking about in the video and use google settings to find pictures that aren’t as pixilated.


The Ousiders by S.E. Hinton 

Photo on 29-4-16 at 12.39 pm Photo on 29-4-16 at 12.39 pm #2



Somethings I thought I did well was labelling whenever I did a new chapter to help me stay organised. Another thing I thought I did well was adding in most of the details that I could think of. Something I thought I could’ve done better was adding more details in with each box.


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Reading Formative

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Informative Reading

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Shakespeare 400


Grade 8 Writing

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Photo on 5-11-15 at 12.08 pm #2Photo on 5-11-15 at 12.08 pm #3Photo on 5-11-15 at 12.09 pmPhoto on 5-11-15 at 12.09 pm #2

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Writing Assessment

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Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.18 pm #2


Photo on 11-1-16 at 12.18 pm #3


I need to state my position, make my statements more clear, insert my sources into the essay and double check my writing for typos.

Something that I did well was I highlighting/color coding.


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Summary Writing:

Photo on 17-3-16 at 1.56 pm #2Photo on 17-3-16 at 1.56 pm #3


Literary Techniques Paragraphs:

Photo on 17-3-16 at 1.55 pm #4 Photo on 17-3-16 at 1.56 pm



Literary Devices Essay:

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Some things that I thought I did well was that I used transitions to lead the reader across parts of the text and relate to the earlier parts, I hooked the reader onto my writing piece, I stated my main points to build the significance, my information was pretty well organised, I spelled the words correctly and I used different sentence structures to achieve different purposes throughout my writing piece.

I wish I did well on just incorporating my sources/citations because I didn’t do that. I wasn’t really sure how I was supposed to do the citations and I forgot to add them in.



Modern Day Macbeth Texts



DEJ Summative

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Note taking for Macbeth Brainframe

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我最好的朋友 Essay


Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.12.58 AM



Christine Lee/李寶荣


我的最好的朋友叫Jade. 我们从五年级开始就是好朋友了。她是马来西亚人。她的脸圆圆的,皮肤很白,黑黑的直发,戴了一副黑框(hei kuang,black frames)眼镜,样子很可爱。她比我矮一点儿,也比我胖一点儿。因为她家离我的家很近,所以我可以经常去她的家玩儿。她有一个妹妹。她长得跟她的姐姐一样可爱。我们第一次见面的时候是在五年级的中文课。我们坐在一起的时候,我跟她一起聊天。

我们是好朋友,因为我们都喜欢看电脑。除了看电脑以外,我们还喜欢烤饼干。我跟她在一起的时候,喜欢一边聊天儿,一边烤饼干。记得有一次,我去她家里烤饼干。做饼干的时候,我们先准备好面粉,黄油,糖,鸡蛋和巧克力,再把这些东西搅拌(jiao ban,mix together/stir) 在一起,然后揉成(rou cheng, roll) 一个个的小球。放进烤箱,等到十到十二分钟后,就烤好了。最后,我们把这些小饼干拿出来。我们看到饼干的时候,就会高兴地跳起来。我们都对拍短片感兴趣。我们经常用手机或者摄像机(she xiang ji,video camera)拍短片。

可是在两个多月前,她告诉我她的爸爸要去瑞士工作了,她们全家要搬到瑞士。当听到这个消息(xiao xi,news)的时候,我很难过也有一点儿生气。我不想她离开香港,因为我喜欢跟她一起玩儿。

差不多一个月前,她们搬到了瑞士洛桑(rui shi luo sang,Lausanne, Switzerland)。现在,我们经常在网上聊天儿和用手机发短信(fa duan xin ,text)。