Communication & Media Arts Project

My project was on a documentary about SML, and I really enjoyed it. It was fun to do and it helped me understand the real concept about SML through teachers and admin views. The project had its ups and downs, some of the problems was waiting for teachers to be available for interviews and that took up some of our time, also getting the videos and photos of people took time because Mallika and I needed to find time to get it all done and to ask people to do the interviews took time. I had fun doing this project because I was able to see what other people did this year and also doing the interviews with teachers and admins on their view of the SML project was interesting to hear.




  1. My topic was a documentary about HK Landscapes and I chose it because I really like watching documentaries so I really wanted to try making one.
  2. I had to wait a few weeks for good weather to take some pictures which put me behind a few SML work days and then the weather got better and I took some pictures.
  3. My project hasn’t changed.
  4. I am really proud of how far my film has gone and the amount of things I have learned since then.
  5. I do feel creative when doing SML but nothing really makes me creative, just myself. 



1.) Some of my VIA strengths are, kindness, teamwork, fairness, and honesty. I chose those because I was kind fair, and honest to all my teammates. I was also good at teamwork because we all divided the teamwork up evenly between us. I also didn’t boss anyone or just do all the work, I participated a lot throughout my PBL project.

2.) Collaboration in problem solving is important because you need everyone to help participate and to solve the problem. Collaboration in teamwork is important because you need to help each other with things each one of you are struggling with so that you can move on and do different things. Also

3.) I really liked the last video that is part of the ad because I think that one was the closet things that related to PBL, but the others could be the same but this one had the most biggest connection. This one was when one enemy targeting one person in a whole group and when you call for help, they come and help to protect you from anything bad.