Blog #2

We’ve got the sponges (just a visual of villi) in the water bottles, reinforced the handle of the lever, made way for it, and put it together to form the large intestine. Everything went as planned, but there was 2┬ávery big problems- the stem of the water bottles. Since we couldn’t cut through it, we cut around it, replaced what would have been the stem with duct tape and cardboard. The other problem was gluing the bottles together so the ends matched each other. through trial and error (and a lot of rage and infuriation), I managed it.

For the esophagus and stomach, we used pipes for the small intestine, and another water bottle for the stomach. We used food dye, soda, and water for the liquid, and used indigestion tablets (pretty ironic) as food.

For the villi, we used sponges and pipe cleaners. The main problem was the pipe cleaners rusting, so we made another set. The water would be the nutrients, and it would show the villi absorbing nutrients.

My part in all this: I designed and made the whole large intestine (Arnold prepared the sponges), took part in designing the villi, and was the proofreader of all scripts.

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