Task 2



So, for art, we were supposed to do one of three themes; Life and death, hopes and fears, and something else. So, I got life and death. I decided to take it literally, and have life and death in the same picture. There is a dead tree, but there is green around it.

So, the compositional rules that I applied was the slant, for the picture to seem more dynamic. I purposely took this picture so that the dead tree is in the middle, and that everything else is around,

The story behind this- you decide! It could mean that life and death are very close, or that death is surrounded by life. It can either show positivity or negativity. I feel like the slant, or angle, in the picture can symbolise a lot of things.

The three most important things of taking a picture of someone or something is lighting, surroundings, and angles. A dark photo implies something bad, the surroundings can show contrast, and the angles support the surroundings.

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