Art Blog- Life and Death


Don’t ask.

Anyways, this is my Art Blog. With Harry, our theme was, as the title shows, life and death. The picture on the top is death, and the one on the bottom is life (just for reference)

Harry and I decided that death would be resembled in the form of darkness, almost like the Sith in Star Wars. The picture is very dark, the person’s face leans toward the left, and life being someone coming out- freshness, coarseness.

Our compositional rules included angle, light (or lack of it), the centering (or lack of so), and the expression on the subject’s face. For the picture for death, the subject (me) is to to the left, but looking to the viewer’s right, for a somewhat dramatic feeling. I wore a dark cloth. It was barely visible, because it was pretty much dark on dark, but I was still visible. Only my lower face was showing, so it would be difficult to see who it was. This was supposed to be the Grim Reaper.

The lower image is a picture of me throwing sand. It was bright, everything was happy, the sun was shining, I was in the middle, smiling, but everything seemed new and fresh. I thought the trees around would symbolise liveliness, and it did. In other words, even though I was in the middle, the environment stood out.

And yes, it is original, because no one else has done it.



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