Influential person- M.L.K



My personal hero (the one I drew) was Martin Luther King Jr., who to me is a very influential person. King, to me, is someone who stands up against the odds, takes the risks to help everyone, and is very firm. He makes me think to never give up- to stand up for what’s right. The thing is- I do not think that drawing him affects the way I look at him- because King’s is King, and that will never change. What allowed me to draw him successfully and what things were irritating? To start with the positives, his face is very clear. The photo shows everything about his face- his eyes, ears, nose, moustache, and mouth. They’re easily seen. However, what was difficult? Not to be racist, but it was still black on black. His suit is hard to see, the shadows are hard to see, and when I drew this photo, I didn’t see his hair. Also, trying to get his fingers to appear as to point in that certain direction was very difficult as well. Either they were pointing left, or they were pointing in front. Drawing eyes is very hard as well. Now, apart from the picture itself, what helped me draw his face? The square grid helped a lot. Apart from keeping me from making his eyes too big or small, it also showed me where to draw, so that I wouldn’t draw inaccurately.

In the end (I’m sorry for losing the photo), I would consider this portrait a success because I was able to make him look like the real Martin Luther King.

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