Influential person- M.L.K



My personal hero (the one I drew) was Martin Luther King Jr., who to me is a very influential person. King, to me, is someone who stands up against the odds, takes the risks to help everyone, and is very firm. He makes me think to never give up- to stand up for what’s right. The thing is- I do not think that drawing him affects the way I look at him- because King’s is King, and that will never change. What allowed me to draw him successfully and what things were irritating? To start with the positives, his face is very clear. The photo shows everything about his face- his eyes, ears, nose, moustache, and mouth. They’re easily seen. However, what was difficult? Not to be racist, but it was still black on black. His suit is hard to see, the shadows are hard to see, and when I drew this photo, I didn’t see his hair. Also, trying to get his fingers to appear as to point in that certain direction was very difficult as well. Either they were pointing left, or they were pointing in front. Drawing eyes is very hard as well. Now, apart from the picture itself, what helped me draw his face? The square grid helped a lot. Apart from keeping me from making his eyes too big or small, it also showed me where to draw, so that I wouldn’t draw inaccurately.

In the end (I’m sorry for losing the photo), I would consider this portrait a success because I was able to make him look like the real Martin Luther King.

Hand Drawing

What I did for my hand drawing was that I made a triangle around trees+nature. Admittedly, I made a triangle gesture to represent the Illuminati, then I considered against, then I actually did so, because it represented nature, and, completion. Nature in nature- natureception. I’m just thinking of this (I admittedly didn’t think of this when I made the gesture), but the triangle could be a tree, a leaf, or anything else. Why? Because the middle of the triangle is green.

What did I draw exactly? Well, I made patterns, which just blatantly shouldn’t be there. This shows us humans, and what we’re doing. We’re essentially breaking this planet.



Grade 7


1.5 hours might be too much


Do anything they want



It’s very challenging, considering that I haven’t ever coded before


we’re not doing computer science in class, are we?





LEARNING TO CODE. Enough said. I’ve never coded with computers before, so…. needless to say, it is very difficult

The same- though initially, I was much more engaged- until all the problems I’ve faced appeared


Art Blog- Life and Death


Don’t ask.

Anyways, this is my Art Blog. With Harry, our theme was, as the title shows, life and death. The picture on the top is death, and the one on the bottom is life (just for reference)

Harry and I decided that death would be resembled in the form of darkness, almost like the Sith in Star Wars. The picture is very dark, the person’s face leans toward the left, and life being someone coming out- freshness, coarseness.

Our compositional rules included angle, light (or lack of it), the centering (or lack of so), and the expression on the subject’s face. For the picture for death, the subject (me) is to to the left, but looking to the viewer’s right, for a somewhat dramatic feeling. I wore a dark cloth. It was barely visible, because it was pretty much dark on dark, but I was still visible. Only my lower face was showing, so it would be difficult to see who it was. This was supposed to be the Grim Reaper.

The lower image is a picture of me throwing sand. It was bright, everything was happy, the sun was shining, I was in the middle, smiling, but everything seemed new and fresh. I thought the trees around would symbolise liveliness, and it did. In other words, even though I was in the middle, the environment stood out.

And yes, it is original, because no one else has done it.





I think that this photo is a portrait of a Middle Eastern girl- the headpiece, the face structure. She looks sad, and Middle Eastern. Her headwear looks like it’s Middle Eastern.

So, I researched her, and the picture is called the Afghan Girl, and her name is Sharbat Gula. Her parents were killed by a bomb when she was 6, and according to her brother, she has rarely been happy.

Newman, Cathy. “Afghan Girl.” A Life Revealed. BBC, Apr. 2002. Web. 17 Feb. 2016.

Art- Compositions

1) Horizontal Line

2) Vertical Lines

3) Diagonal Lines

4) Rule of Thirds

5) Rule of Triangles

6) Rule of Space

7) Depth/Persepctive

8) Combination of any rules

Another reading blog


Book # 2                                Words:                                               Date: 3/11/15


Title: Alex Ferguson; My Autobiography                                          Author: Sir Alex Ferguson                                


Genre ~ Non-Fiction / Fiction Type: NF      



  • Opening Sentence: Nearly three decades before this moment, I had walked through that tunnel and onto the pitch for my first home game, feeling nervous and exposed.



  • Favourite word / phrase / sentence: It was one of those days that unfold like a dream




  • Vocabulary and new terms (with part of speech) and definition: N/A




  • Reflection, Connection & Personal Response: Who likes a sappy autobiography? This autobiography was very honest, talking about everything Sir Alex went through as manager.

reading blog


Book Equivalent # 1                                      Words:                                                Date: 9/8/15


Title:  Diary of a Young Girl                                                                      Author: Anne Frank                                


Genre ~ Non-Fiction / Fiction Type: NF, diary       



  • Opening Sentence: Dear Diary, I hope to tell you things I couldn’t tell anyone until now



  • Favourite word / phrase / sentence: Dear Diary, I hope to tell you things I couldn’t tell anyone until now – it’s almost as if she knows it.




  • Vocabulary and new terms (with part of speech) and definition: N/A




  • Reflection, Connection & Personal Response:  It’s sad, not just because so many Jews died, but the Germans didn’t show any (signs of) guilt until people attended a play about the harm caused upon Jews