This one was super hard. I honestly had no idea how to do this.

Here was what I was able to come up with

I got the while loop down, but I had trouble coding all the actions. The only functioning actions I have is to add and view events.  Both of these actions use the list called ‘calenderlist’. However, the code doesn’t take in the month, and the function will display all events regardless of which month is selected.

For the rest of the actions, I couldn’t successfully code the functions. For deleting events, I thought of using ‘del calenderlist[event]’ but I wasn’t able to make to code delete an existing event. For updating events, I considered writing ‘calenderlist[event] = [eventupdated]’. This also didn’t work


This challenge really had me. I wasn’t able to create a functioning event calendar. Hopefully, I can get back on track the further I get in Codecademy

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