Message Encryptor/Decryptor

I started off with a somewhat functioning message encryptor/decryptor in python, but there were many flaws to it. I decided to use a Caesar cipher to code messages, so that means I would need to find a way to shift the ASCII values of each letter using chr() and ord() functions.

I thought that this code will work without error, buuuuut:

At least it’s still functional right? Well, turns out that things get a little bit tricky when using ASCII values

Yeah. Still figuring this one out. I tried to first convert the input text to ASCII values first and use and if statement to test if the value is above 122 (the ASCII value for z), then subtracting 26 from the value. This should’ve worked, but I had trouble organizing my code to make that work.

This is an ASCII table. Thanks to this, my text encryptor/decryptor doesn’t work.

Oh well. This is technically still encryption though, just with ASCII values, so I guess I can say that I’ve managed to encrypt messages through an ASCII-based Caesar cipher.

Google Form Bidding


Today showed me that I still need to work on JavaScript.

I researched on sending e-mails through google scripts, but I wasn’t able to create an auction. Today’s challenge for JavaScript seemed to be out of my skill level right now. Hopefully as I learn more I will be able to code functions for google forms.

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