Weekend Mini Project


Before I wrote the code, I wanted to diagram what I wanted to create. The prompt I chose was: How to apply to HKIS (R1). I checked out the application procedure on the HKIS website and from my research, I created this flowchart to outline my code. Also, it turns out that the HKIS application procedure is actually really simple.

In this flowchart, it looks like all of the choices are yes or no questions without any inputs, so the whole procedure will be pretty straightforward.


This is my first time writing pseudocode, but I felt like I had a pretty good understanding of what to do when writing this


print 'Thank you for your interest in applying to HKIS!'
print 'Please follow these instructions for applying.'
print 'Answer 'yes' or 'no' to these questions'
application status = input of 'Have you completed the online application?'
if the answer is no
  print 'Sorry, you need to complete the onine application.' 
  print 'Visit [link] for more information.'
else if the answer is yes
  forms_status = input of 'Have you submitted all of the following forms?'
  if the answer is no
    print 'Sorry, you need to submit all of the forms. Visit the HKIS website to access them.
  else if the answer is yes
    interview_status = input of 'Has HKIS held an interview or assessment for your child yet?'
    if the answer is no
      print 'Please schedule an appointment with HKIS as soon as possible'
    else if the answer is yes
      print 'You're all set! Good luck!'

That’s my pseudocode. I planned on adding more info in the final code.

Interactive Flowchart – Python

Here is my final code. I added a bit more code that wasn’t in the pseudocode. It’s pretty simple.

Here’s a video.

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