(m)INP Blog Post #1

Animal Farm by George Orwell has many complex characters, each with their own unique characteristics that contribute to the plot. One of the most interesting characters out there is Napolean. Napolean was a very unique character since the beginning of the book. He was pretty humble in the start, and supported the idea of standing up to tyranny from Old Major. However, there was a flaw about Napolean. He has been showing hints that he wanted to be the one in control. He stole the cows for himself, and he also took nine puppies away for his own defense. He was slowly leading the farm to it’s demise. Throughout the book, Napolean has clearly shown that he wanted to be the one with authority, and did not want anyone else to take away his power. He was lucky, as he had many ways to stop anyone from overthrowing him. For example, when Snowball was getting closer to beating Napolean for power, Napolean relied on the nine puppies that he took to attack Snowball. He used a method to make everyone fear him. He also brain washed a lot of the animals, by making the statement, “Napolean is always right.” He still had more advantages after that, such as having Squealer on his side, being able to convince the animals that he makes the right decisions, and even if none of those work, he still has one last method: the sheep. The sheep played an important role on maintaining Napolean’s power. In the book, whenever the animals were a bit concerned of Napolean’s actions, they can’t protest, because they would be silenced from the sheep chanting. Near the end, the sheep chanted, “Four legs good, two legs better” to stop the animals from protesting. Napolean had everything that he needed to be the one in charge of the farm. Napolean looked like he would be a good leader at first, but the book showed that he was worse than Mr. Jones. Napolean broke almost all of the commandments. He drank alchohal, slept in a bed, and interacted with humans. With Squealer by his side, and secretly changing the commandments, The animals were mislead to still believe that Napolean is a better leader than Mr. Jones. It almost seemed as Napolean has turned into a second Mr. Jones. Afrer all, the animals couldn’t tell the difference of the pigs and the humans in the end. The reason that Napolean had a scary rise to power was because of one of the themes planted in the book; power corrupts those who have it. Once Napolean experienced power for the first time, he realized how much things he can do with it, and he took advantage of it. He was very different from the beginning to the end. In the beginning, Napolean was just like every other pig, smarter than average, and one of the more respected animals. In the end, however, the animals lost trust in him. Napolean gradually changed into an animal that only cares for himself. He made the statement that all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. What Napolean had done was that he broke the words of Old Major, and just repeated history when he acted exactly like Mr. Jones after several years. Napolean was a special character, and I think the story would’ve ended up a lot different if he didn’t act. Personally, I think Napolean was wanting to have total control over the animals ever since he heard it from Old Major. Overall, Napolean is definately one of the main characters of the book, and had a lot off detail describing him.

mINP January #2 – Book Analysis

Imagine being alone, far away from home, and all by yourself, for 297 days. Now imagine that you go into an eventful journey, constantly being with complete strangers you don’t know for even longer. Feeling fear, humiliation, and eventually reaching your breaking point. Everything seems to be twirling down right? Well, you need to keep your heart open. “If you have no intention of loving or being loved, then the whole journey is pointless”. This is just some of the things that a small, little china  rabbit had to go through. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is a beautiful novel written by Kate DiCamillo.

Don’t be fooled-this story of a china rabbit skips to a dreadful journey really fast. The main plot will start to unravel as soon as a chain of bad events happen. The adventure turns to many different people, from fishermen out in the open sea, to a little girl with tuberculosis. Edward soon learns about how he himself was selfish, and weaves the rips that was made inside of him. Nearing the end of the journey, Edward finds himself broken. Then it hits him. Edward has reached his breaking point. Sooner or later, he would close his heart, and reject any love that can be given to him. Love was too painful for him.

One of the great things about this book is the style of how Kate DiCamillo wrote it. The words on the book really seem to fit together very well. This book is one of the books that manages to really mess with your emotions. If you want to experience an emotional journey, you should definitely read this book.

DiCamillo, Kate. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. N.p.: Candlewick, 2006. Print.

mINP January Post #1

Where the Red Fern Grows is an incredibly stunning masterpiece written by Wilson Rawls. It focuses on a young boy named Billy, and his adventures of coon hunting with his two coonhounds. I have put together an infographic of what it’s like when Billy is in a raccoon hunting competition. I described how the coonhounds would help and also described other stats about coon hunting. I described these because this was one of the technical things that is spread throughout the whole book, and is what carries out the story.


mINP infographic

mINP December Post #1

I’ve read Wonderstruck, and it is one of the greatest stories I’ve read. It has a really unique way of telling the story. One story is told by words, and the other is told by pictures. Throughout the story, they slowly merge themselves into one. The art style that is used us also a bonus, and it just gives anyone reading it a ‘feel’ that the story is taking place with them. Wonderstruck gave me feelings like no other book, and I think that everyone should read it. I made a book cover for Wonderstruck. Hope you enjoy!

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.44.14 pm


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NaNoWriMo reflection

NaNoWriMo was a really cool experience for me. It made me learn how important a good plot can be, and even if the writing is amazing, I think that the plot is what makes any writing piece stand out from the rest. What I did was plan the general plot in the first place, which was pretty good, but then got a bit messed up when I rushed to put more details in it. I think that the writing was good in my story and I put a lot of describing words to really help the reader feel what’s happening. This experience was mostly positive for me, and I enjoyed writing my story. I wrote 4,001 words at the end, which does push my limits, as I’m not really good at writing a lot of words in a story. I do think that I can try to push for at least 6K next time a try to do this.

INP #2 Octoboer

Splendors and Glooms is an extremely powerful book because of the mood that it sets. The Author, Laura Amy Schlitz, manages to take the reader on a journey by making the ready feel that he is in. One thing that helps set the mood in the story is the plot and genre of it. It is a fantasy book that takes place in England. Using the eerie settings in the book, she uses lots of good descriptions to give a great idea of how it would feel like if you were there. She also uses dramatic irony in the book to make you feel a lot of suspense, an example is when a villian is about to conduct his plan, but only you know about it. This makes the reader more engaged in the story and question what would happen next in the plot. In the book, there are two main villians, and for a good chunk of the book, only the reader knows how dangerous they are.  There were also conflicting problems with the characters. Their personality and flaws make some situations more dangerous than they should be. In the story, the two main characters both have their own unique flaws. This really made some situations intense, when one villian tried to trick one of the characters into his ultimate demise. The setting is also made eerie by all the background events happening. In one section, one of the main characters are trapped in a ghost form. The author shows what’s happening, and makes it really stand out to the reader, because this is happening in the big climax of the story. This is what happens a lot in the story, and that’s why it’s a really good story for the reader, because the reader can really feel what’s happening in the setting, and also it engages the reader a lot.

IBP Text response

Entry 1

Today, Merlot took me to a huge place that was filled with what I believe are folders with thin sheets in between them. Apparently, the thin sheets are called ‘paper.’ I also learned that the folders were books, Merlot then scurries up a chair, and settled in a open book. She was going to teach me how to eat books. She started by showing how the glue in the middle was tasty, and it is good with a nice bite of paper to go with it, however, the best thing, she said, is the little squiggles on the page. But my eyes saw things, these squiggles were arranged to make shapes, and those shapes were letters! The letters then turned themselves into words! I scanned it carefully and read aloud these words, “Once upon a time,” I was baffled. I had to find out about what happens in this story. I need to know! Meanwhile, Merlot looked confused and questioned, “What?” Fearing that she wouldn’t like what I did, I replied with, “Nothing,” and just stood there in awe. “Eat,” commanded Merlot, I couldn’t, I told her that if she eats it, then the story would be ruined. As usual, she thought that something was wrong with me, I mean, yeah, I was born with big ears and my eyes open, but I can be normal if I want. I waited for her to leave, so I can be alone with the book, once she was gone, I started to read, “Once upon a time,” I read, and continued reading the story. I read and read, until I reached the end of the story. It was great! It was about a brave knight who respected the princess while serving and honouring her.

Entry 2

All of my siblings just gave up on teaching me how to be a normal mouse, so that made me free all day long. The days were great! I always looked at the beautiful stained glass windows and saw the gleaming light coming from the sky. It was a sensational sight for me, but the best thing about the days is that I read the story of the knight and the princess over and over again. But I heard something, something I kept hearing since I was born. I finally figured out what I was hearing, this sweet smell like honey turned out to be beautiful music. I scurried through the passageways and into the source of the sound, I poked my left ear out, then my right, and before I knew it, I crept closer and closer. I went close enough that the princess noticed me, she said, “Look dad! A mouse!” However, her dad claimed that I was a bug, and didn’t like me one bit. I’ve made a great mistake, it’s a rule not to reveal yourself to human beings! But, I was drawn by the music! It sounded amazing! “He’s frightened! I think he wants to listen to your music,” The princess said, so he continued playing his music. She leaned down and looked to me, and I fell in love with her. She was flawless. The king, on the other hand, wasn’t to pleased by my presence, he stomped his foot down and yelled, “Scat!” This made me jump and run back to the hole in the wall, but before I disappeared, I turned back and yelled, “My name is Despereaux! I honour you!”

Entry 3

Looks like I’ve been busted. My father called in the mouse council on me. “Oh! He spoke to a human! Does he not have any common sense?” Those were just some things that I heard in the disapproving mouse crowd. I made way way through the crowd and in front of the Most Very Honoured Head Mouse. He discussed about how I broke the mouse rules and how I should apologize about speaking to the princess. He ordered me to repent, how I’m sorry that I spoke to the princess, how I’m sorry I let her touch me, how I regret these actions that I have done. I was paralysed. I started to speak, “I say,” and hesitated, “I say…I say…no,” The mouse council was shocked. “No?” The Head Mouse asked, “Very well then, to the dungeon.” That echoed in my head. To the dungeon, to the dungeon, My heart was racing. They brought in the thread and I fainted. When I woke up, there was a thread tied to my neck, and two hooded mice were leading me into the dungeon. My mother asked what would happen to me, only to get an answer claiming that she didn’t want to know. The hooded mice then answered. “The rats,” They said, “They will eat him.” They started guiding me to the dungeon. I asked to have a word with the princess before I go. But the hooded mouse denied me. “Cripes, a word with a human?” Those words were really familiar.  “Furlogh? Please let me go, I’m your brother,” I pleaded, but rules are rules, and they can’t be broken. I can’t believe that my sibling is leading me to my painful demise.

Champion project reflection

I enjoyed all the projects that we did that all relates to one champion, especially the fact that you get to choose how the project looks and one additional free choice visual, it gives a unique type of work which generates a lot of creativity.

What helped me learn in this project is that you don’t just read text about the person, you make visuals that help you understand the champion which does make it more fun and easier to learn, it isn’t the classic unit where you study for a few weeks and get assessed, you are the one that chooses how it goes.

The challenging thing about this project is that there were many things you had to finish, and all of them were a bit squeezed into each other, you had to prioritise things and in some cases memorise lines, as for the press conference.

If I were to do this unit again, I would probably spend way more time on the actual information than the visual aspect of it, it would help me a lot because the information is more important than the visual part and it gives a better understanding.

If I were to pick a different person, I would probably pick Walt Disney because I am more of a visual person and I like making graphics.

Some suggestions I have for next year is that there could be some group projects where more than 1 person works on a project, or we should do more visuals or activities in more of a creative field.