Champion project reflection

I enjoyed all the projects that we did that all relates to one champion, especially the fact that you get to choose how the project looks and one additional free choice visual, it gives a unique type of work which generates a lot of creativity.

What helped me learn in this project is that you don’t just read text about the person, you make visuals that help you understand the champion which does make it more fun and easier to learn, it isn’t the classic unit where you study for a few weeks and get assessed, you are the one that chooses how it goes.

The challenging thing about this project is that there were many things you had to finish, and all of them were a bit squeezed into each other, you had to prioritise things and in some cases memorise lines, as for the press conference.

If I were to do this unit again, I would probably spend way more time on the actual information than the visual aspect of it, it would help me a lot because the information is more important than the visual part and it gives a better understanding.

If I were to pick a different person, I would probably pick Walt Disney because I am more of a visual person and I like making graphics.

Some suggestions I have for next year is that there could be some group projects where more than 1 person works on a project, or we should do more visuals or activities in more of a creative field.

Unit 1 Reflection #2

In this unit, I learned about how I can guess where a place is based on a picture according to maps that show physical features, economic activity, population density, climate zone, and vegetation. We also studied a bit about those five maps that we used and looked at all the symbols of the map and found out what they represented

The badge I am aiming for will be the Bartolome De Las Casas badge. I will achieve this by reviewing on what to learn for 20 minutes everyday and testing myself to see if I can show what I know about the subject in a clear and detailed way.

My goal for me was to memorise vocabulary and reviewing work from the two packets, I did memorise most vocabulary but didn’t do well on reviewing the work we’ve done on the previous two packets. I need to work on the reviewing


I didn’t go to the conferences but I think that my goals  are to get ME’s on the next test with no AE’s. I also want to get Consistantly Meeting Expectations on work habits

Occupy HK

In the Hong Kong protests, I understand that there a people that want “free democracy,” in other words, they do get to vote, but they can only vote on people that are pre-selected. There is also another side of the protest because they think that they are doing the same thing when Hong Kong was a British colony back before 1997. Frustration began to rise in events such as the police using tear gas at the protest and the fights in the protest.

In my opinion, I think that Hong Kong should have the right to choose their leaders, not vote on pre-selected ones. I think this because China promised them this, but they didn’t really for fill there promise. China only partly did their promise and the Hong Kong people don’t like it.

I am still confused about why the police fired tear gas at protesters. Even if they were greatly outnumbered, I don’t think that using tear gas is necessary, the protesters were unarmed and the police could’ve used a different, less violent way. I am also confused about how the protest suddenly started, I’m not sure if it started in HKU or somewhere else.


Unit 1 Reflection

1. In unit 1 I learned a lot about  geography in terms of physical features and how geographers use elements in maps. I also learned about the purpose of maps and thematic maps, then I used the knowledge from maps to create and label.Basically everything learned can be used to create and understand maps.

An answer I did on the survey was that I like all the activities because you potentially get more interested in the subject you’re learning and you can also get a bit of fun out of the activity.

I was awarded the Marco Polo badge, and I do agree because there were some struggles along unit 1, I did get a decent grade on the test, but I misunderstand some assignments such as the community map

A learning strategy that didn’t work for me was trying to memorise all the vocabulary by reading them, but one that did work was reviewing what I learned in the two packets we did and try to explain everything on it.A goal I have for unit two is to

A goal I want to accomplish in unit 2 is to be able to explain everything relevant to growing a population and possibly questions that are not answered in the textbook.