Dice Game

I was able to create a game where you guess the sum of two dice. It was pretty easy to make even though this was the first time I created a function. Codecademy helped me with comparators and using if/elif/else statements.

Results from playing the game


Overall, I’m pretty happy that I’m able to create simple text games in Python right now.


Shape area calculator

I researched a little bit about if statements for this task, I couldn’t have made this without using it!

Codecademy also showed me how variables can be determined by a user input—so using what I learned, I was able to create this:

I’m glad to say that I’ve created a functioning shape area calculator!

Rock, paper, scissors!

Javascript is pretty different from python, so it was a bit challenging to learn at first. After a lot of trial and error, I was able to complete the challenge!



Why take this course?

I always had a little interest in coding, but I’ve never tried to learn it. I want to be able to create cool things through coding!


The syntax of python is something I need to get used to–there was a lot of trial and error getting through the beginner’s course. One thing that I learned is that I’m probably going to use a lot of strings! With so many variables I can create, it would probably help a lot if I compress everything into big strings.

Hello World!

I created my hello world program in Java instead of Javascript, which is why this was pretty hard!

Using this website to help me, I first used this code in TextEdit.

After saving the file as HelloWorld.java, I went to Terminal to run the command.

and that’s how I created my hello world program in Java!

Times Table

I honestly had no idea how I should’ve done this to start. I knew for a fact that it probably should not look like this:

I tried using variables to limit what I print out, but it ended up pretty long


I tried to simplify it more by using the multiplier variable, but it didn’t work out.

I don’t have any idea why the product stays the same.


I’ve learned a lot about the basics of coding, but it’s very hard for me! There are so many things to learn but that just means there’s almost no limit to what can be made!


Communication & Media Arts Film Reflection

This semester, I worked hard on my film for Communication and Media Arts film. Overall, it was a pretty fun experience, and it was pretty easy finding out how to present our movie. One thing that we did well was doing the research. We came up with a lot of research in the beginning, so we were able to find images and videos easily. There were some obstacles that we faced sometimes. There were some situations where we couldn’t find a lot of videos, and one time we lost the audio for most of our clips. Editing took a bit longer than I thought, but I managed to get all the clips together.

This project has been really fun for me, especially the editing, because I got to decide how it flowed, if I got the chance to do it again, I would try to get more videos so we don’t just show pictures. I would also try making some of my own clips so it is more original.

I’ll Make a Man Out of You

I chose this song because it felt really inspirational. It also reminded me of getting over all of the obstacles i faced during the school year. Since it’s 8th grade, you get more work to do. The school grades get harder each year, but every time I always manage to pull through.

The Nights

I chose this song because it talked about how you should cherish the moment you are in right now. I know that one day I’ll look back to my past and miss my middle school days. This song represents my middle school life, and how I will miss it a lot in the future.

On Top of The World

I chose this song because there were some points in the school year where I really felt like I was on top of the world. This song represents the feeling well, and it fits in with every happy moments I had.


I chose this song because for this school year, I felt mostly happy. There were some times in school where I just wanted to smile.

Hakuna Matata

I chose this song because it means “no worries.” I felt this because since it’s the end of the school year, Summer is coming up. I don’t have to worry about anything for two whole months.

You Can Fly! You Can Fly!

I chose this song because it tells you to have faith, trust and pixie dust. It tells you to believe in yourself. I had faith in myself for the whole year, and sometimes it actually helped me get through some parts of the year

Be Prepared

I chose this song because I need to get prepared for high school, and there seems to be some scary stuff that’s coming up next year. In this song, it had a very scary mood, but it calms down later.

I Just Can’t Wait to Be King.

I chose this song because every year, I always can’t wait for the next day, or next week, or next year. The songs has a happy mood also.

LA album art


(m)INP Blog Post #1

Animal Farm by George Orwell has many complex characters, each with their own unique characteristics that contribute to the plot. One of the most interesting characters out there is Napolean. Napolean was a very unique character since the beginning of the book. He was pretty humble in the start, and supported the idea of standing up to tyranny from Old Major. However, there was a flaw about Napolean. He has been showing hints that he wanted to be the one in control. He stole the cows for himself, and he also took nine puppies away for his own defense. He was slowly leading the farm to it’s demise. Throughout the book, Napolean has clearly shown that he wanted to be the one with authority, and did not want anyone else to take away his power. He was lucky, as he had many ways to stop anyone from overthrowing him. For example, when Snowball was getting closer to beating Napolean for power, Napolean relied on the nine puppies that he took to attack Snowball. He used a method to make everyone fear him. He also brain washed a lot of the animals, by making the statement, “Napolean is always right.” He still had more advantages after that, such as having Squealer on his side, being able to convince the animals that he makes the right decisions, and even if none of those work, he still has one last method: the sheep. The sheep played an important role on maintaining Napolean’s power. In the book, whenever the animals were a bit concerned of Napolean’s actions, they can’t protest, because they would be silenced from the sheep chanting. Near the end, the sheep chanted, “Four legs good, two legs better” to stop the animals from protesting. Napolean had everything that he needed to be the one in charge of the farm. Napolean looked like he would be a good leader at first, but the book showed that he was worse than Mr. Jones. Napolean broke almost all of the commandments. He drank alchohal, slept in a bed, and interacted with humans. With Squealer by his side, and secretly changing the commandments, The animals were mislead to still believe that Napolean is a better leader than Mr. Jones. It almost seemed as Napolean has turned into a second Mr. Jones. Afrer all, the animals couldn’t tell the difference of the pigs and the humans in the end. The reason that Napolean had a scary rise to power was because of one of the themes planted in the book; power corrupts those who have it. Once Napolean experienced power for the first time, he realized how much things he can do with it, and he took advantage of it. He was very different from the beginning to the end. In the beginning, Napolean was just like every other pig, smarter than average, and one of the more respected animals. In the end, however, the animals lost trust in him. Napolean gradually changed into an animal that only cares for himself. He made the statement that all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. What Napolean had done was that he broke the words of Old Major, and just repeated history when he acted exactly like Mr. Jones after several years. Napolean was a special character, and I think the story would’ve ended up a lot different if he didn’t act. Personally, I think Napolean was wanting to have total control over the animals ever since he heard it from Old Major. Overall, Napolean is definately one of the main characters of the book, and had a lot off detail describing him.

mINP January #2 – Book Analysis

Imagine being alone, far away from home, and all by yourself, for 297 days. Now imagine that you go into an eventful journey, constantly being with complete strangers you don’t know for even longer. Feeling fear, humiliation, and eventually reaching your breaking point. Everything seems to be twirling down right? Well, you need to keep your heart open. “If you have no intention of loving or being loved, then the whole journey is pointless”. This is just some of the things that a small, little china  rabbit had to go through. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is a beautiful novel written by Kate DiCamillo.

Don’t be fooled-this story of a china rabbit skips to a dreadful journey really fast. The main plot will start to unravel as soon as a chain of bad events happen. The adventure turns to many different people, from fishermen out in the open sea, to a little girl with tuberculosis. Edward soon learns about how he himself was selfish, and weaves the rips that was made inside of him. Nearing the end of the journey, Edward finds himself broken. Then it hits him. Edward has reached his breaking point. Sooner or later, he would close his heart, and reject any love that can be given to him. Love was too painful for him.

One of the great things about this book is the style of how Kate DiCamillo wrote it. The words on the book really seem to fit together very well. This book is one of the books that manages to really mess with your emotions. If you want to experience an emotional journey, you should definitely read this book.

DiCamillo, Kate. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. N.p.: Candlewick, 2006. Print.

mINP January Post #1

Where the Red Fern Grows is an incredibly stunning masterpiece written by Wilson Rawls. It focuses on a young boy named Billy, and his adventures of coon hunting with his two coonhounds. I have put together an infographic of what it’s like when Billy is in a raccoon hunting competition. I described how the coonhounds would help and also described other stats about coon hunting. I described these because this was one of the technical things that is spread throughout the whole book, and is what carries out the story.


mINP infographic

mINP December Post #1

I’ve read Wonderstruck, and it is one of the greatest stories I’ve read. It has a really unique way of telling the story. One story is told by words, and the other is told by pictures. Throughout the story, they slowly merge themselves into one. The art style that is used us also a bonus, and it just gives anyone reading it a ‘feel’ that the story is taking place with them. Wonderstruck gave me feelings like no other book, and I think that everyone should read it. I made a book cover for Wonderstruck. Hope you enjoy!

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.44.14 pm


click to enlarge