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I think that the one thing that didn’t achieve the ME was of how the devices were used to relate to either the theme, mood, or conflict. And the notes need to be simplified into bullet points. The paragraph didn’t expain the three things and needs to be more detailed


Me and my parents have a bit of contrast in between choosing a perfect mate. For me, I picked someone who is creative, has a good sense of humour, productive, well rounded, and knows tech well. However, my parents chose a few different traits than what I wrote which created the contrast. I learned that there are a vareity of tastes that are always unique than the ones.


Act 1 Scene 1

In this scene, there were several fights that took place in the market. The prolouge also told the audience about ‘two star crossed lovers’ which symbolize the relationship of Romeo and Juliet. The fights that were happening were solely caused by two boys making trouble in the market.


Act 1 scene 2

In this scene, someone wanted to mary a girl that is still 13, and the father said that he had to win her heart in order for them to be together. Then, there was going to be an upcoming ball, so he said that the ball was a perfect event for winning her heart


Act 1 scene 3

In this scene, Juliet’s mom talks about her assigned partner to be married. Juliet’s nurse, Mary, was also a part of this conversation. Mary had a good relationship with Juliet and blabbered during the conversation. She spoke a lot of things like “seek happy nights for happy days”


Act 1 scene 4

In this scene, Romeo went to the ball with some convicing from his friend, Mercutio. Mercutio is a bit rude but he is a theatre person. Romeo then talks about how he had a dream of what will happen to his fate in the party, but the people don’t take what he said seriously and just blows it off


Act 1 scene 5

This scene took place in the ball where Romeo saw Juliet. In the ball everybody was dancing and having fun. Romeo then goes to Juliet and speak to her about his love for her. They then form a relationship and all seemed to be going well for these two. Unfortunately, Juliet later found out that Romeo was in her enemy house, and said as her only love was her only hate.


Act 2 Scene 1

Romeo’s friends were trying to find him and were a bit drunk. They wandered through streets while at the same time screaming out his name, while saying rude speech in between.


Act 2 scene 2

Romeo gets over the castle wall and admires Juliet from behind some plants. After a while, he finally reveals himself to Juliet. Juliet at first doesn’t trust him because she thought that she was being lied to by Romeo. But after lots of convincing, they finally get to be with each other


Act 2 scene 3

Romeo conffesses to his dad about how he loves Juliet, but his dad got enrageed on what he heard because they were in different houses. his dad then rejected about how they were going to marry each other secretly and then didn’t want to hear any more of what Romeo  will say.


Act 2 scene 4


Romeo and his friends were all talking together for a while, then the nurse came out which shortly became teased by Rucrucio. They teased and teased until she finally couldn’t take it. She requested to have a little talk with Romeo about his love to Juliet, after they talked, Romeo was about to walk away with the nurse, but before he went away he blew a kiss to the air


Act 2 scene 5

Juliet’s nurse comes back to her after a long time to tell her the news. But before that she kept on stalling and then finally tells her that she would marry Romeo tommorrrow.


Act 2 scene 6

Romeo and Juliet meet each other again and kissed a lot, then they expressed of how much they loved each other dearly, but then they were separated because Juliet was given a little talk


Act 3 scene 1

Mercutio gets into a fight with Tybalt after lots of intimidating speech, they went into a long fight but at the end, Mercutio gets stabbed in the stomach and shortly dies after. This enrages Romeo as he runs to Tybalt and challenges him into a fight. Romeo kills him at the end.


Act 3 scene 2

After commiting a murder, Romeo was being sent to exile. The nurse was torn up by the loss of Juliet’s cousin, while Julit was shocked that Romeo would leave her tommorrow. Romeo also tried to kill himself but had been stopped and he got to spend one more night with Juliet


Act 3 scene 3

Juliet continues to weep about Romeo, but Lady Capulet thought that she was weeping because there isn’t vengeance on Romeo yet. She tells her about her hatred to him and how she wants him to die. When Juliet’s dad found out about her love for Romeo, he got extremelyl mad and lectures her on how she shouldn’t love him


Act 4 scene 1

Juliet seeks her last answer to give her a solution to be with Romeo again. He says that he could give her a drug that will make her seem like she’s dead for 48 hours. Then he will write a letter to Romeo explaining what has happened. After Juliet awaks, Romeo will take her


Act 4 scene 2

The wedding for Juliet and Paris is arranged earlier than planned. That means that the drug will still be in effect. Juliet then goes over what will go wrong.


Act 4 scene 3

Juliet is presumed dead and all that is related to her welps in grief as her funeral is held. At her funeral, Romeo’s brother Balthasar sees the whole funeral and proceeds to tell her that Juliet is dead, because he didn’t know that Juliet took a poison to blow off the wedding.


Act 5 scene 1

Romeo recieves the news from his brother and is overwhelmed. He then went to a store that sells drugs asking for something to make him be able to join death with Juliet.


Act 5 scene 2

Romeo goes to where Juliet was buried and grieves as he thinks she is dead. Meanwhile, Paris came in but was killed by Romeo. When Romeo saw Juliet, he drank the poison and dies by the hand of Juliet, however, when Juliet wakes up and sees Romeo dead, she then stabs herself with Romeo’s dagger and dies

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