U2 Short Story Written Interpretation (All Drafts incl. Rewrite)


This is the link to the PDF version of the first draft that was given for peer feedback!


The link to the FINAL Draft #2 of my Short Story Interpretation of “Where are You Going, Where Have You Been” by Joyce Carol Oates

REVISED! SS- Interp Where are you going, Where have you been_

The link to the revised (rewritten) version of my SS interpretation, which is Draft #3


Mrs. Brayko’s Comments Reflection

I think the rewrite of my SS Interpretation really paid off because when I got the feedback the first time around for Draft #2, there were many targets I had missed or I hadn’t had considered when writing the essay. I also felt after reading my 2nd draft that there was a lack of organization but I also found that I lacked some persuasion and analysis. In the 3rd draft, I worked on tightening my essay to make it more coherent as well as making sure that I and readers could follow my line of reasoning throughout the piece.



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