About Awesome Authors: Thomas Hardy

Jonathan Chow 8A5

About Awesome Authors



Thomas Hardy ~ a literary legend


(1840 – 1928, United Kingdom)

~ When Thomas Hardy was born they thought he was a still born, until his mother noticed he was alive

~ He was thought of in different ways, most thought of him being a poor boy. But lived a great wealthy childhood with a hard working father and mother

~ Even so he could not go to college as his parents could not afford it, so he dropped out of school at 16 to train to be an architect

~  Most of his poems were about romance and emotions

~ Thomas Hardy finished his first novel by 1867 called “The Poor Man and the Lady” but was never published

~ His Schools and Movements related to the World War One

~ He wrote many poems and letters like “A Pair of Blue Eyes”

SML: Water Cooling PC

1.What is your topic and why did you choose it?

This year my topic is I want to water cool my PC for better performance. I chose it as I’d like to have a deeper understanding of computers and I am intrigued by the idea of heat transformation inside a computer.

2.Describe your experience so far: What challenges have you faced? Did you overcome those challenges?

So far my experiences have been good, there were many challenges. My first challenge was finding a suitable and reasonable budget to get every part I need. Then I needed to find the parts, now this was most challenging as none of the parts are sold in Hong Kong. So I needed to lower my budget again to adjust to the shipping cost on amazon. Finally, I did get my parts. When it came to building it was frustrating, at points I did want to give up. I had fittings that kept going lose or won’t fit, I also had tubing that wouldn’t bend the proper way. I remembered what the final product would be and I managed to build an amazing machine.

3.Has your project changed since the beginning? If so, how?

No, my project has not really changed from the beginning. I still came out with the outcome I wanted, the only minor change I did have to make was my final product could not be a time lapse as it took around 9 hours to build it. My camera also died because of the long time period and breaks in-between. The video would be too long, so I’m going to go with an online presentation with photos.

4.What are you proud of so far?

So far I am proud of the research I have done and to see that all the parts fit together. I am most proud of my computer now as it looks good and performs even better than before. Now I can overclock while having whisper quiet machinery and an overall cooler CPU.

5.Do you feel creative when doing SML? If so, what are the conditions that help you to be creative?

Yes, I do feel creative when doing SML. SML is a time where I can pursue my hobbies and passions. Having to design and make sure tubing fits and looks the way I want it to allow me to be creative. I had to place certain parts to fit and look good. Cable management also allowed me to experiment and mess around with the looks. I also chose case colors and water colouring to fit my theme. I believe having freedom allows me to be creative and do something new or innovative.

6.Can you share any specific samples of your learning?

Yes, before this project I did not understand the concept of how water can transfer heat away from the computer. But now I understand what a radiator does just like in a car. The heat is pulled away from the CPU to the radiator where it is either exhausted out or blown on to cool down by fans. I also learned about how the force of the pump and reservoir play a big roll. When doing this project I can suggest to others that it takes lots of time, no matter how many times you fail to keep trying. This taught me to be stronger and more resilient.

7.What have you learned about yourself as a learner? How do you learn best? Does the structure of SML help? Or is the structure frustrating for you?

I have learned that sometimes I give up too easily. If I really am passionate for the subject I am learning about, I learn the best. I believe the structure of the SML does help exect for the research. I believe the research should be free and not so limited or structured. It frustrated me that I needed to have certain requirements. I believe SML should not depend on success or have grades, it should be about the learning.

About Awesome Authors: Wilfred Owen

Jonathan Chow 8A5

About Awesome Authors



Wilfred Owen ~ a literary legend



(1893 – 1918, England – World War One)

~ Was born on March 18, 1893 and died when he was only 25. He was also a brother of a family of 6.

~ Served in World War One, he aided wounded soldiers and was later disbanded from the army for shell shock

~ Even after being disbanded in 1916, he went back into the front lines in 1918

~ He was killed in battle in the last month of war

~ After he died he was awarded the military cross

~ He was an English poet and was one of the leading poets of the world war

~ He was influenced by many romance poems and poets

About Awesome Authors


Mac Barnett ~ a literary legend


(August 23, 1982 – California United States)

~ An American writer that writes books mainly targeted for 6th and 7th graders

~ Mac Barnett is New York Times best selling author

~ Mac Barnett has written over 18 fictional novels for children

~ Other than being an author, he is also an illustrator

~ He currently lives in Berkley, California United States

~ His job is to lie to kids to make the story more interesting

I believe Matt Barnett is trying to say how we should always write our best, kids deserve good stories. He uses creativity and imagination to appeal to the children.

About Awesome Authors

Jonathan Chow 8A5

About Awesome Authors



Nancy Farmer  ~ a literary legend



(Born July 7, 1941 United States Phoenix)

~ Started writing at the age of 40

~ Her childhood inspires many of her books, she was born with a twin brother that was later put up for adoption.

~ Her father worked at an hotel where many of her stories were based.

~ Before she became an author, she worked as a flight control in Zimbabwe

~ While she lived in Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe was in the middle of war. She was living in a war zone.

~ Has written is still is writing many novels based on different genres.

~ She is married with multiple children now

About Awesome Authors: Gene Luen Yang

Ms. Street Allan’s Class ~ Grade 8

Jonathan Chow A5

About Awesome Authors



Gene Luen Yang

(Born August 9,1973)

~ He began making comics over 15 years ago. He started when he was in the fifth grade

~ In 2006, his book American Born Chinese was published. Later on the same book was nominated for the National Book Award

~ American Born Chinese is based on his real life, basing the stories on real life experiences

~ Famous for many other books like Boxers and Saints and The Shadow Hero

~ Helped Nickelodeon write Avatar the comic book

~ DC comics has just signed a contract with Gene Luen Yang to write a new series of Superman

~ A lot of his stories were about being bullied or being different from the white kids

~ He is careful for each comic making sure the story can be told through the pictures

Yang, Gene Leun. “Gene Leun Yang Bio.” Geneleungyang. GeneLeungYang, 02 Mar. 2006. Web. 03 Dec. 2015. <http://geneyang.com/>.

Mac.Millan. “Gene Leun Yang.” Macmillan. Macmillan, 05 Feb. 2012. Web. 03 Dec. 2015. <http://us.macmillan.com/author/geneluenyang>.



dragon-clip-art-9acqq9zTMby Jonathan Chow


我住在香港十三年。我从小到现在都住在香港。 我的父母都是香港人。我很喜欢春节,因为我可以吃很多的中餐。 春节的时候每个人的家里面都有很多节日气氛。我觉得春节比圣诞节好一点。可是所有的小孩儿对圣诞节都感兴趣。

在中国和香港,每个人都庆祝春节。春节是一个中国传统,我的父母,爷爷奶奶,亲戚朋友和我的哥哥都庆祝这季节。每年我们去外吃中餐。我们吃的有饺子,年糕,汤圆,春卷,蒸鱼,红烧鱼,米饭 和各式各样的美食。有时候我们也会吃糖醋排骨,酸辣汤和烤青菜。除了中餐以外,妈妈还可以做家常菜。 我从小开始吃年夜饭。我觉得我不是一个挑食的小孩,所以我很喜欢吃家常饭。我觉得中餐比美洲菜好吃得多。

春节的时候,我们有的拿到压岁钱,有的拿到礼物。 在亚洲,已婚的人就要给红包。 中国人说红包会给你很多运气。






Unit 4: Pottery

1) Insert picture later

How is your pot a personal expression of your ideas? (Think about what makes your pot unique compared to others)

My pot is unique and different because of its shape. I wanted to use a another shape by not using a circular base. I changed it to an oval shape creating a different shape from the others. My pot is almost like a tea pot, but different because it has a curve. My pot is static but can be used to pour a liquid.

Is pottery still a relevant form of art today? Agree or disagree and please explain why.

I agree that pottery is still a relevant form of art today. Although people of the 21st century barely use pottery as an art form, now a days I will hear more about paintings and sketching. But I believe pottery is still alive, just a bit extinct. Now I believe we need to bring back pottery to be more relevant. Pottery is an amazing art form which is peaceful and creative.

Look at the following link about the artist, Li Lihong:


  1. What message does Lihong convey in his work? Provide an example and upload a photo of one of his works.

lihong_dg12341_copy1 lihong_dg116341 lihong_dg11929_copy1 lihong_dg12330_copy1

Li Lihong creates sculpture that acknowledges global change in the twenty-first    century. He wants to show past to future using modern items and bringing back the past.  He uses major companies logos to incorporate Chinese art. The artist was raised with an understanding of the tensions between old and new, and a balance of these influences is at the heart of his current work.


  1. Does Lihong focus more on the form or function of his sculptures? Explain how that is evident in his work.

I believe he focuses more on form because his sculptures are more to show a message then rather to have a function. In order for a sculpture to have a function it needs to have a purpose or use, like a tool. His sculptures are not used as a tool but as a visual image to show his message.

  1. Explain how you have focused more on the form or function of your piece (or perhaps both).

I think I could have focused on my form by putting more thought into it and creating a more creative or unique pot. My function is quite good as it serves its purpose as a pot to pour liquids.

Unit 1: Book Art (Project 2)


How did you develop your idea for your sculpture? (What was your starting point? What challenges did you face? How did your ideas change?)

My idea first came to me when I read the book title. The title and black mysterious cover told me I need to include a symbol that represents secrets. That was my main build off idea. But I also wanted to continue the books style by adding a city and a night sky. This carries on from the cover page. Some challenges I faced was the cutting of the pages. It was hard to cut out a lock from the pages so I decided to include that separately. My ideas needed to change by printing out a city skyline as the time did not allow me to carve the city.

What was the most crucial step or major turning point in making your sculpture?

When I realised I could not cut a lock out of the pages due to time constrains I had to come up with a new plan. My plan was to use extra sheets of paper as material to build the lock from scratch and then sticking it on. That was my major problem when building my project that I was able to overcome.

Do you think your sculpture is creative? Explain (Think back to our discussions on creativity: Thinking outside the box, new and personal perspectives, risk-taking and trying something different)

I think my sculpture is creative. I managed to use the books meaning to create an art form that expresses the words inside the book. In my opinion my sculpture is a sneak peak to what the book holds. I took a risk in using water color painting and it turned out great.

What are some new ways in making art that you have learned about through the 2 book projects?

Art can be anything, you can make art out of anything. No material cannot be used to make a new creation. There are endless possibilities of what someone can create. The book art technique is defiantly something I will remember.Its a new type of art that I love and have never seen before.

What is a book?

A book is most known for containing words on pages. Now I know a book can be anything you want it to be. A book can be used to create art. Before this unit I had never seen any art create using a book. Now I know what art really exists. It also inspires me that art can be made out of anything.

About Awesome Authors Antoine de Saint ~ Exupery


Jonathan Chow 8A5

About Awesome Authors


Antoine de Saint ~ Exupery


(1900 – 1944, France)

~ Antoine de saint Exupery was born on 29th June, 1900 in Marseille, France.

~ As a young adult he failed his examination at a university preparatory school so he enrolled himself at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts to study architecture

~ He tried to join the Navy but could not, so he started off as a mechanic at the French Air Force in Strasbourg

~ As he could never become a real air force pilot, he took an office job and started writing his graphic novels

~ While he was on a low point in his life being extremely poor, he managed to write The Little Prince and The Wisdom of the Sands to share his love for the desert.

~ In 1929 he flew to South Africa and wrote a story called Night Flight, this book became an international bestseller. It won the award Prix Femina.

~ He disappeared on July 1944 when he was on a flight from the Mediterranean to France, he had a duty to reconnaissance, but never appeared again so he is thought to have died then.


” Antoine De Saint-Exupéry.” 2012. FamousAuthors.org 4 December,http://www.famousauthors.org/antoine-de-saint-exupery